Sunday, March 21, 2010

Democrat(ic) Money Burn: Health Care

It looks like the Democrats will pass this horrible legislation today. We can't be surprised. The Democrats hold large majorities in both chambers of the Congress. The most liberal Senator of the United States Senate was elected President. The American people elected this government.

There is not much that I can add to the debate and discussion about this behemoth legislation. But I can't resist.

My observations here are fairly simple and straightforward:
  • Americans of all political stripes need to understand that we have a government we can't afford. Yes, President Bush and Republicans contributed to that, but this President and this Congress have made them look like pikers.

  • I am very proud that Republicans have steadfastly stood against this bill.

  • The myth that Republicans do not want to reform our health care system is the most annoying part of this whole debate. The GOP members of Congress have a plan and have many ideas for improving the system. The mainstream media largely ignores it. Our candidates have not adequately touted it.

  • The small number of moronic protesters who made racially inappropriate remarks today in Washington should be condemned. This bill is bad for America and the liberal agenda of this very liberal President are unpopular and all of that has nothing to do with race. Those few inappropriate protesters hurt our cause.

  • Without even being there, I can guarantee that 99% of those protesting in Washington were civilized, respectful, and appropriate. I wish the war protesters and the Bush-haters had been this way. I have been around the Tea Party and 9/12'ers and they are patriots. The effort to paint that movement as fringe is wrong.

  • This thing is getting in the way of hoops.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Deem and Pass, etc.

The Democrats and Speaker Pelosi have now reached a new low. This so-called "deem and pass" process being contemplated by the Congress to force this health care bill down-the-throats of the American people is irresponsible and undemocratic. It has been interesting to watch the mainstream media come to that same conclusion. Read the Washington Post article here. This tactic has been used by Republicans, too. But never for such a significant piece of legislation. America cannot afford a new, behemoth, social program that will not control health care costs and will explode the deficit.


Will Vice President Biden's Cincinnati visit be enough to buy Steve Driehaus' vote for this debacle of a bill? We'll find out soon. Steve Driehaus is a liberal. He consistently votes with his leadership and he has forgotten his Cincinnati roots. It ought to be our greatest priority to bring him home from Washington before he and his liberal friends do more damage to the nation.


On January 29, 2009, I blogged about what America would see from our then-new President. Check out the blog post here. This gigantic step to the political left has caused conservatives to rise-up. That is good for America and good for our Republican cause. Weeks before the first meeting of the Tea Party movement, I wrote this:

"This country is taking a gigantic step to the political left at this moment in history. This is not the "change" America wanted. In America, the private sector creates jobs and people should keep more of their own money to spend for themselves. We should incentivize job creation and small business growth by cutting taxes. We should curb spending and limit the size of government. None of that thinking prevails in Washington or Columbus or Cincinnati City Hall these days."


Is anyone surprised Tiger Woods is playing in the Masters?


We had a great meeting with one of our GOP candidates for State Representative in the 32nd district, Erik Nebergall. Erik is a business owner and first-time candidate. He is exactly the type of person we ought to get into public life. His experience in business and his experience in raising his family give him great perspective about the role of government. If he wins his primary, he will face Rep. Mallory.


Baylor will not be in the Final Four. Kentucky will. So will Kansas. The little progr'm over there on Victory Parkway will make a quick exodus in Round 2 against a Big East team. The big program in Clifton has seen better days, but brighter days are ahead. And we have a football team.


A jury will get to decide whether serial killer Anthony Kirkland lives or dies. Today, Kirkland goes to court with two highly competent lawyers to fight for his life. Kirkland's victims never had that chance. To the jurors in that case, I would only say this: "If not him, who? And if not now, when?" Capital punishment is the law in Ohio and this demented evil killer should face the ultimate penalty contemplated by law.


When I hear citizens tell me, "both sides don't get it" in the political debate, I understand that more than I should. Sometimes, it feels that way to me, too. The future of the country and of our democracy is bigger than some of the squabbling and nonsense that we all engage in from time-to-time. What is the solution? Elect grown-ups to government. My daily goal is to find the next Rob Portman to put on our slate of candidates everywhere. People seeking elected office should be smart, honorable, principled, and mature. Anyone in public life and with a public role should aspire to that. I fall short sometimes and so do others. That doesn't mean we should give up.


Our Judicial Salute Fundraiser is right around the corner. Save April 22 on your calendar.


May 4th can't come fast enough.


I often hear people say, "I wasn't invited to that fundraiser." If you're willing to PAY, you're probably invited to everyone's fundraiser. Right? The best way to see which events you are "invited to" (all of them...), check out our Calendar of Events. Our calendar of events is a good place to see most of what is happening in Hamilton County GOP politics. If the candidates ask us, we put the events on the website. Even in this primary fight.


Here's a great article on President Obama's flip-flop on openness and democracy.


Opening Day is right around the corner.


Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hamilton County GOP: NCAA Tournament Challenge!

Again in 2010, the Hamilton County GOP is hosting an online NCAA bracket challenge.

Will Brian Redden, our 2009 winner, repeat as champ? Or, will Maggie Wuellner do the right thing, pick her beloved Muskies to lose early, and stand a chance to win? Could a Democrat win?

You will need to establish a CBS Sportsline account with your OWN User ID and Password. Once passed that, you will be prompted for a password to get into our bracket. That password is: elephant.

Join in the fun at:

The winner will be invited to lunch with Chairman Triantafilou!

This is being done for entertainment purposes only.

Friday, March 12, 2010


I reject the Democratic Party Chairman’s demand that Cincinnati City Councilman Monzel terminate the employment of one of his staffers based on a private e-mail. This e-mail, surreptitiously acquired by the city’s major liberal newspaper, was a private e-mail sent on personal time. The words and demeanor of the e-mail are not the type of political speech that I would have chosen, but this is a trivial matter not worthy of the taxpayer’s time. What is most disappointing is the focus on such a trivial matter during a period where our city and our region face significant challenges. Under the Democrats leadership nationally, statewide, and locally, we have seen the job market shrink as government expands. Citizens are demanding real leadership from government and playing political games based on one personal email is a waste of time.