Sunday, May 23, 2010

Streetcar, Etc.

Cincinnatians oppose the streetcar plan by a 2-1 margin, according to an Enquirer story and a poll conducted this past week. See the article here. This is not a surprise. The city of Cincinnati has a major crisis with its pension and legacy costs. Is it legitimate to ask why a huge public works project that requires massive city debt is appropriate when the city can't meet its obligation to retirees? If the answer is "we need economic development to spur growth despite the pension problem"--then say it. Some of us are not automatically opposed to a sensible public transit system that serves as infrastructure for future economic development by the private sector. But I'm afraid the city hasn't made the case for this streetcar at this time. Sensible people ought to be open to the case being made, but so far, it hasn't been made. I oppose the plan and so do most Republicans.


The funeral service for Judge Stautberg was incredible. Julie was a wonderful person and her loss is immense.


Rand Paul would take this all back if he could. I have to believe that. I understand the philosophical argument from my Libertarian brethren. And I'm convinced that he is not a racist. But Dr. Paul got off-message and got improperly painted as out-of-touch. Yes, the media was unfair. Yes, he was making a philosophical point. We know how this "gotcha" political game works and we have to play it better than the other team. I predict he rebounds and holds this Senate seat for the GOP. Republicans everywhere should be talking about jobs, the economy, and spending. The rest is a distraction.


President Obama's handling of the BP oil spill has been terrible. This is a man-made catastrophe that should have a man-made solution. The Obama Administration has finger-pointed and dodged. President Bush got killed by the media after a natural catastrophe. Where is the outrage at this Administration's absolute bungling of this oil spill mess? If you don't see the double-standard, you're not paying attention.


Will Jim Tarbell's strong support for the unpopular streetcar proposal sell with county voters? Not a chance. Jim is an interesting character, but he is totally unfit for county government leadership. The voters will see through the shtick and vote for real leadership. Chris Monzel offers real, proven, conservative leadership.


Hey Sen. Specter, how did that party-switch work out for you? Maybe you should call Gov. Crist.


We had a great meeting with a couple of Tea Party leaders this past week. We will find places where we can work together and we have already. The patriots motivated by the Tea Party have brought new energy to conservatism and all Republicans should be happy about that.


If the GOP doesn't get 40% of the Hispanic vote in 2012, President Obama will be re-elected. How are we doing on that? Not so good--in my mind. We need to do lots better.


How about this Reds team?


We have been watching the so-called "Hamilton County Government Reform Task Force" very closely. There are serious problems with that group. More on this later.


Have a good week.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Judge Stautberg Arrangements


Friday, May 21st

Gilligan Funeral Home

2926 Woodburn Ave.

4pm – 8pm

Mass and Christian Burial:

Saturday, May 22nd

Summit Country Day School Chapel


Judge Stautberg

Rare for us to ever post anything from Democratic Party Chairman Burke, but this demonstrates the kind of person Judge Stautberg was and why so many of us loved and respected her.

Judge Julia Stautberg

Statement of Chairman Alex M. Triantafilou on the passing of Judge Julia Stautberg

"We are greatly saddened to learn of the passing of our dear friend Judge Julia Stautberg.

Julie Stautberg was a fine Judge and a great leader in our courts and in the legal community. Her work with Mental Health Court demonstrated her strong compassion for those suffering from mental disease that needed special attention from the criminal justice system. Her colleagues across the legal profession bestowed on her the great honor of electing her President of the Cincinnati Bar Association. These are only a few of Julie's many accomplishments.

Beyond her many professional accomplishments, Julie had many dear and wonderful friends.

She will be remembered by the many lives she touched with her warm smile and gracious demeanor.

On a personal note, Julie was a former colleague and a close friend. She will be missed a great deal.

Please join me in keeping Julie and her wonderful family in your prayers."