Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cop Killer Should Stay In Prison

Republican Prosecutor Joe Deters is leading the charge to keep convicted cop killer Russell Bell in prison for the murder of Police Officer Charles Burdsall. A man that takes the life of a police officer should, at a minimum, die in prison.

The parole board is considering parole for this violent killer. Read the Enquirer story here.

As a former Judge and Assistant Prosecutor, I find the possible release of this violent murderer to be an outrage. I hope you agree.

The parole board can be influenced by public outrage. To have your voice heard, go to the Hamilton County Prosecutor's website and find directions to contact the parole board.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Greg Hartmann

I will occasionally use this space to promote our candidates. Today, I want to discuss my friend Greg Hartmann.

As you probably know, Greg Hartmann is currently the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts. Greg has been clerk since early 2003. He was elected to a full term in 2004. Greg is running to be our next County Commissioner replacing Pat DeWine who is running for Judge.

Greg has been an excellent Clerk of Courts. He has brought fiscal discipline to the office by coming in under budget every year. By saving costs and being smart with the office's resources, Greg has returned over $1.2 Million to the taxpayers in savings during his tenure as our Clerk. He has worked to protect foster children by implementing a foster parent instant background check system. Greg has been a true leader.

Earlier this evening, Greg hosted a fundraising event that was a smash success. Along with his great leadership in government, Greg remains one of our greatest candidates for elected office. He combines good government skills with tremendous political skills. He is a skilled fundraiser because donors recognize his value as a a public official and his fundraising prowess is second to none in this area.

Greg will run an outstanding campaign and I'm confident he will be our next County Commissioner. Consider signing on to help Greg's campaign. Check out his new website at

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I woke up early this morning and started reading the excerpts and the coverage of the book by former Bush press secretary Scott McClellan. McClellan has written a book that is highly critical of President Bush and his administration.

Scott McClellan was a very substandard press secretary. He bumbled his way through press conferences and routinely looked like a scared deer in the headlights. He was outsmarted every single day by the Washington press corps. Had you asked me this a month ago, I would have had the exact same answer: McClellan was bad.

In fact, I would have criticized the Bush administration for its loyalty to this old Bush Texas buddy. I would have said that Bush has always been too loyal and held on to politically ineffective associates for too long (i.e. Secretary Rumsfeld). McClellan would never have been press secretary for any other President. He was not a media professional and barely a political professional. President Bush gave him a podium he didn't deserve. Recall that McClellan was replaced by the brilliant, highly polished, and greatly experienced Tony Snow. That wasn't by accident.

How does McClellan repay this loyalty? By writing a hyperbolic, highly critical memoir designed only to line his pockets during a politically charged time in our nation. This book will sell and make McClellan a wealthy man. He will have attained that wealth by selling out his friends and by selling out the President of the United States.

McClellan owed a duty of loyalty to the President of the United States because without the President, McClellan would be unknown outside of Austin, Texas. President Bush exhibited loyalty to McClellan by promoting him inside the administration and giving him this pulpit.

Is this sour grapes from a Republican who doesn't like the criticism of the Bush administration? No way. There is plenty of criticism of this administration and a 30% approval rating existed before any "scathing memoir." I recognize the errors and the political problems of this administration. I titled this blog post "loyalty" because I believe strongly in that virtue. I would cite Scott McClellan to Chapter 9 of William Bennett's book, "The Book of Virtues." It is a virtue that Scott McClellan forgot.

Shame on Scott McClellan.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Week Ahead

Over a family gathering last night, I was asked an interesting question: What do you do? It was a fair question because the role of party chairman is not a job kids dream about growing up.

I have vowed to use this blog to keep the interested informed as to what is happening at Republican HQ. Here is what your Chairman will do this week.

Today, I will appear at my alma mater, Oak Hills High School, and address young people about my role and about our party. This isn't serious business, but a favor to a longtime friend and one I'm eager to do. I will spread our Republican message. That will only be during the lunch hour. After that, I will go to the Board of Elections. I was recently named to the Board of Elections and I need to be there this afternoon. In the late afternoon, I am meeting with a reporter for the L.A. Times who is doing a story on McCain campaign in southwest Ohio. At 7:30, I will be the speaker at the Sycamore Republican Club Spaghetti Dinner. Join us!

On Wednesday, Supreme Court Justice Stratton will be here for a luncheon at the Queen City Club. Wednesday afternoon, we will meet with the finalist to receive our appointment to the 31st House district race. Wednesday evening is a fundraiser for Steve Chabot at GABP.

Thursday, I will be appearing opposite Democrat Victoria Wulsin in a "discussion" about our party's position on energy, the economy, and the middle east at a forum at Raymond Walters College. Thursday evening will be a fundraiser for Greg Hartmann.

At HQ, we are working on several programs to help candidates and to promote our vision. We have the voter registration task force working to register Republican voters across the county. We have the CCW class to plan and organize. We are preparing to run a candidate in the 31st house district. We are preparing our McCain leadership/coalition team. We are constantly putting out small fires whether they be candidate issues or other problems. And...we are ALWAYS raising money to support our office, our candidates, and our mission.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a United States Federal holiday observed on the last Monday of May . Formerly known as Decoration Day, it commemorates U.S. men and women who perished while in military service to their country. First enacted to honor Union soldiers of the American Civil War, it was expanded after World War I to include casualties of any war or military action.

Today at 3:00 p.m., there is a national moment of remembrance. Please stop what you're doing and honor the fallen at 3:00 p.m.

Enjoy the day, but don't forget why we have it.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


I was honored to be asked to serve on the statewide committee that will screen and recommend a Republican candidate for Attorney General. I have already received input via e-mail and on this blog. I've also received input personally. I appreciate the input very much. Please remember one thing: we have to win the office.


Anna Quindlen is a longtime columnist and political commentator that I enjoy reading. She writes for Newsweek. She is a left-wing liberal. I like reading what those people think. You may not agree. She wrote a column last week about the value of the Supreme Court and what it means to have the right president to name those justices. Although she's a radical liberal, her observations about this are intelligent and worth reading because they apply to whichever idealogy you subscribe to. Read her column here.


Taste of Cincinnati is one of our region's great outdoor events. The move to 5th Street has vastly improved the experience because the center of downtown is thriving and it gives people a chance to see all that is happening downtown. The food isn't bad, either. I strongly recommend a trip down there over this gorgeous holiday weekend.


John McCain will win Ohio. A bold prediction, I know. My dream scenario is that Obama is down by more than 10 points in statewide polling and he pulls out of Ohio in mid-October. That is not an impossible scenario. Ohio is a tough state for the ultra-liberal Obama. His values do not sell in this state.

Have a good Sunday...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Is This a Bad Idea?

Our state legislature just passed a bill that could radically change county government. To be candid, I have not investigated the proposal closely as I have only read the media reports. To read the story, click here.

The amendment that was added onto a bill in the state legislature gives Cuyahoga County commissioners the right to eliminate certain county-wide elected offices and bring them under the auspices of the commissioners. This proposal will eliminate county offices including sheriff, county auditor, recorder and treasurer and consolidate their duties under an appointed county assessor. The measure could include making the coroner, engineer, sheriff and clerk of courts appointed posts. The measure, supported by Republicans and Democrats, passed overwhelmingly in the state House of Representatives. However, it only applies to Cuyohoga county at this moment. The Democrats want to make it law statewide.

If implemented in Hamilton County, it would eliminate Sheriff Leis, Recorder Groppe, Auditor Rhodes, Clerk Hartmann, Engineer Brayshaw, and Treasurer Goering. Those responsibilities would all go to the county commissioners where they would appoint to these various posts.

Is this best for government? Do you want the County Commissioners appointing all these people? Would it have made a difference in your mind if the county commissioners were Republicans?

At first glance, this sounds like it will make county government work much like city government. If this is true, is this best?

I'm skeptical, but open to being convinced. I'm always skeptical when politicians want to consolidate power...


Friday, May 23, 2008

Leadership Council

I met with the Hamilton County Republican Party Leadership Council yesterday for lunch. The Leadership Council is a group of young professionals who have an interest in Republican politics and have organized for the purposes of building relationships, helping candidates, and perhaps finding candidates to run for office. I was very impressed with the turnout at the lunch meeting and with the high caliber of professionals that are part of this organization. Attorneys George Zamary and Jill P. Meyer are co-chairs of the group and they are doing fantastic work.

Leadership council represents the next generation of Republican leaders in this county. It is a point of pride for me that we have this group of energetic, intelligent, and motivated people in our Party.

If you're interested in Leadership Council, e-mail Executive Director Maggie Nafziger at

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hit Counter

I have added a hit counter to the blog so we can track how many of you are actually reading this blog. The Party Executive Director insisted it couldn't be done, but she was mistaken. It has been done.

The entire staff at HQ is under orders to make the blog their home page in Internet Explorer. This will artificially drive up the number of hits. Furthermore, Patrick Maloney, our ubiquitous polical director and putative vice-presidential nominee, is under strict orders to visit the blog and hit "refresh" 100 times per day to further artificially drive up our visits.

Enjoy the blog and the new feature.

G.A.S.P. -- or not.

Commissioner Pat DeWine has recently made a proposal to make all government spending available online for the public to easily access. This move to make government more transparent is known as G.A.S.P.--Government Accountability in Spending Program.

With this proposal, the citizens of Hamilton County can see where their tax dollars are being spent (or misspent). It is a great idea!

This is the kind of government program that Republicans should support. It is a program that keeps government more accountable and makes spending transparent. We can only hope that this transparency has the effect of making our public officials more wisely spend our tax dollars.

It would appear that Commissioner Portune doesn't like the name--GASP. Pat may be amenable to a name change. Nevertheless, the program, by whatever name, is a good one.

Kudos to Pat DeWine for leading this fight!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Clinton for Life

There is a Washington Post story today that urges Barack Obama to promise Hillary Clinton the first opening on the United States Supreme Court. Read the story here.

Here is a quote from the article:

"Instead of subjecting herself to a long wait and another possible defeat, she could don one of those roomy black robes, make a potentially ineradicable impact on the course of the republic -- and never again have to worry about being liked." (ineradicable means: not eradicable; not capable of being eradicated, rooted out, or completely removed).

Essentially, this means Hillary Clinton could have a lasting, long-term impact on our nation with her liberal ideology. This is what is at stake in this election.

What's worse? Everyone agrees that Barack Obama is more liberal than Hillary. Would she be too conservative an appointment for him to make to the Supreme Court.

We need John McCain as the next President!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


To my faithful readers--both of you--I've had a busier than expected couple of days and blogging has been more difficult. Rest assured that we're working hard for the cause.

I'll be posting soon...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend musings...

Watch this blog tomorrow as I post information about Commissioner DeWine's proposal for making government spending more transparent. This program, called GASP, is an excellent good-government idea and I plan on blogging about it tomorrow in greater detail.


For some unexplainable reason, I am a fan of political strategist Dick Morris. Dick Morris worked for the Clintons and is the #1 Hillary-hater in the world. He's a unique guy. But, I find his observations and his writings on politics to always seem accurate. Today, he writes about John McCain's road map to victory. You can read the story by clicking here. The basic message is that McCain can win in a year where our party shouldn't have a chance. Morris suggests that Senator McCain be more moderate. He is already, isn't he? Nevertheless, John McCain is a pro-life, tax conscious, spending conscious conservative. He may not be down-the-line on every issue, but so what. We need to rally around this candidate and save the Supreme Court and this country from being run by Nancy Pelosi and her radical San Francisco agenda.


Think about attending your local Republican Club meeting this week. Check out upcoming events at our website.


I believe in this Reds team. Five wins in a row right now. Dunn hits the walk-off last night. The pitching has been sound. The bats will come alive at GABP. At 20-23, we're just 3 games off of .500 and there's lots of baseball to be played. Baseball is a very Republican sport. Baseball is America's pastime because the structure of the game, 9 innings with a break between each 1/2 inning, provides a great opportunity for advertising and commercials. Baseball is a pro-business sport! Republicans are pro-business! Has the Chairman lost his mind? Maybe. Reds go for the sweep at 1:15 today at GABP. Volquez pitching.

Go enjoy your Sunday.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Red Light Cameras

As many of you know, the City of Cincinnati has proposed adding Red Light Cameras to our traffic lights. Under this plan, those who "run" a red traffic light would be photographed and automatically cited for a violation of the traffic law. These cameras are controversial and many people are opposed.

Last night, the Hamilton County Republican Party Policy Committee voted unanimously to oppose Red Light Cameras in the City of Cincinnati. To that end, we are supporting the petition drive and the referendum that is being sought to place this issue before the voters. Simply put, the Hamilton County Republican Party is opposed to Red Light Cameras.

Our policy committee cited several reasons for its opposition. A few of the key reasons are outlined below:

1. The public rightfully resents Red Light Cameras. Having dozens or hundreds of new government cameras monitor their behavior -- for whatever reason -- is an unneeded intrusion into our lives.

2. The issue of Red Light Cameras is about raising more revenue for the City on the backs of hardworking taxpayers. Each time the issue is raised, it comes up at budget time. The cameras are not addressing a pressing public safety issue--it is addressing a need for revenue.

3. The Red Light Cameras represent an abandonment of traditional notions of due process. The City ordinance contains a presumption of guilt, instead of innocence. There is no right to subpoena witnesses in one's defense. Furthermore, Cincinnati's Red Light Camera ordinance requires an accused to pay the fine before he ever gets his day in court to defend himself.

4. Cincinnati's Red Light Camera scheme will likely result in large profits for the camera corporation and this is an intrusion of private business into a government law enforcement function. Although Cincinnati's contract is not finalized, in every other city in which these have been adopted, profits are split with private corporations and punishment of the citizenry is motivated by profit not public concerns.

5. Under the Red Light Camera scheme, the owner of a car is charged with a violation even if he is not behind the wheel when a red light is supposedly run.

6. Traffic safety professionals broadly have concluded that red light cameras really don't improve public safety. Rather, while there is some decrease in "t-Bone" accidents (side impacts), there is a marked increase in rear-end accidents as drivers who see warning signs for the cameras slam on their brakes, as another motorist is approaching from the rear.

7. Finally, Cincinnati businesses are already at a competitive disadvantage with high tax rates and the ravages of deteriorated neighborhoods. The petty indignities that these Red Light Cameras pile upon unsuspecting visitors will further discourage people to shop and recreate in Cincinnati.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dinner with Senator McCain

I was pleased to attend a small, private dinner with Senator McCain yesterday evening in Columbus, Ohio. Senator McCain met with various business and political leaders from the Columbus region and I was invited to attend by the state finance leadership.

I am pleased to tell you that Senator McCain was GREAT! He is clearly energized and focused on what it will take to win this election. He made it clear that he will run on his own record and speak his mind on the issues. He was eloquent, but very down-to-earth. He understands the challenge that Obama poses and he was frank with all of us about his view of how the campaign will unfold. He recognizes that this will be a fight!

Senator McCain is not a typical Republican candidate. His position on certain issues cause some Republicans consternation. He was candid about those differences. He was challenged by various business leaders on the issues of climate change and immigration. He answered honestly and forthrightly. It is clear to me that he is the only Republican that can win this year. I fully expect he will.

Get involved NOW to make his election a reality in Ohio!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Concealed Carry Licensing Class

I'm happy to announce that the Hamilton County Republican Party is sponsoring a CCW class for any Republican that wishes to receive their permit to carry a concealed weapon under Ohio law. The Party's sponsorship will offset some of the costs of the program and there will be a small fee for anyone wishing to attend.

Here are specifics:

Who: Instructed by Collin Rink, John Fenton, Scott Strauss, Codi Strauss

What: Concealed Carry Licensing class, including basic pistol instruction.

When: July 26, 2008 from 8AM to 8PM

Where: Sycamore Pheasant Club, Miamiville, Clermont County. (Wards Corner Road near the Hamilton County line)

Potential attendees include Republican office-holders, volunteers, donors, and party faithful. Class size will be limited.

I took this class in October, 2005. Although it is a long day, you complete all the requirements in one day and not 3 nights of 4 hours a piece. The meals are great and the experience, although long, is a good one. I highly recommend doing CCW training this way.

On a side note, I received a call from a local reporter from 700 WLW this morning about this class. He seemed somewhat surprised that we would host one of these classes and has made it a news story. I haven't heard the news story. However, he had questions about the class and why we're doing it. I feel strongly that citizens ought to have the right to carry a firearm if they meet the requisite qualifications and this right is as sacred as any other in our Constitution. These classes are held every weekend across the County. I believe that we should sponsor this program to show our support for those in our party that share my belief that gun rights are essential to our liberties. Do you disagree?

If you are interested in attending, contact Pat Maloney at or (513) 381-5454 and he will take your information.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Voter Registration Task Force

We are about to unveil the Hamilton County Republican Voter Registration Task Force. If you can think of a better title, feel free to let me know.

What is the Task Force? The Task Force will oversee, manage, and organize a massive voter registration drive in Hamilton County targeting those voters that we believe will support our candidates. The Task Force is working now to identify public events where we can have a presence. However, the Task Force will do more than that. We are identifying new homeowners and those who have recently changed their address. We are looking for ways to reach potential voters who may agree with us on this issues, but haven't gone to the polls. The Task Force will work to identify these opportunities and then organize the volunteers we need to get the job done.

What can you do now to help us win? DO THIS! Help us by volunteering to be part of our voter registration Task Force.

Want to be a volunteer for us? Please e-mail Pat Maloney at or call him at (513) 381-5454 and let him know you want to help.

I will have more specific information in this blog and elsewhere as it becomes final.

Finally, don't forget to participate in our online poll. It's right here-->

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Good Day to be Chairman

Today marks my 2 month anniversary as Chairman of our Party. It has been a busy and interesting 2 months. In that short time, we have accomplished some good things. I count this blog and our push to communicate outside of 700 Walnut as one of those. We hosted our most successful judicial salute fundraiser ever, we have been out to most of our clubs talking about the future, we hosted campaign school, and we have met with a large number of our donors to assure our continued financial success through 2008.

Watch this blog and you will see us unveil a few other new things soon. Among those will be a party sponsored class for those wishing to receive their concealed carry permit and a massive voter registration drive. Both of these things are in the works and we should have something out to you very soon.

Today is a good day to be Chairman of the Party for me. We will be meeting for a substantive conversation with Senator Voinovich during the day. Senator Voinovich has been a longtime leader in the Republican Party and is the senior Senator from Ohio. This evening, I have the honor of introducing Congressman John Boehner, the Republican Leader in the House of Representatives, at a fundraising event. I'm excited about the prospect of meeting with these two great Republicans to discuss Hamilton County and how we can help to assure Republican victories from the White House to the Courthouse!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Don't forget to take care of Mom today. Happy Mother's Day to all the great Mom's out there.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ohio's 31st House District

We now have a vacancy on the ballot for the Ohio 31st House District Race. Our candidate dropped out yesterday. The Democratic candidate is Denise Driehaus who is running to fill the seat being vacated by her brother who will lose to Steve Chabot in November. The 31st House District is comprised (unofficially) of Delhi, Price Hill, etc. To see a map, click here.

The Executive Committee of our party bears the responsibility of replacing a candidate on the ballot and we have until August to do so.

We have been talking to several individuals who are interested in running in that race. I fully expect we'll have a strong candidate. The process of finding a candidate is still open.

Any suggestions for candidates?

Friday, May 09, 2008

Marc Dann Update

The Attorney General saga continues...
After universal calls for his resignation, the Attorney General continues to hold on as our top law enforcement official in Ohio
Will he survive? Will he be impeached? Stay tuned...

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

It's Obama II

If you follow this blog, you know that on 4/23/08, I predicted Obama was going to be the Democrat's nominee for President. I stand by that statement. Obama beat all expectations in North Carolina and Clinton squeaked by in Indiana. This thing is over. Only the arrogance of the Clinton power machine is keeping this alive.

What will the general election look like? It will be very close. If the election were held today, it's a virtual tie. For a great website that tracks potential electoral vote outcomes, click here.

As a person who does this for a living now, I do get concerned when people say things like, "America isn't ready for a black President" or words like that.

First, America certainly IS ready for a black President. Barack Obama's race has nothing to do with why he shouldn't be President. In fact, it's easy to understand the excitement one might have for an African American to be elected President in a nation that has struggled so mightily with the problem of race. But, Senator Obama is NOT right for America because he has a radical left worldview that will certainly "change" America to a place that Americans do not want it to be.

Second, let's assume "America isn't ready for a black President." I disagree strongly, but let's assume that is correct. IT DOESN'T MATTER IF "AMERICA" IS READY. It matters if enough states to make up 270 electoral votes are. And, folks, THEY ARE. California and New York are nearly automatic Democrat pick-ups. That is nearly 1/3 of the Electoral votes needed to be President and that is one heck of a head-start. What is automatic on our side? Texas? They have 34 electoral votes. After Texas, the "automatic" Republican pick-ups are all southern states with 15 or fewer electoral votes.

Why this long dissertation by me? Because all of this points to the importance of OHIO! Ohio has 20 electoral votes that probably will swing this election. Again, we will be the battleground state for the presidency. For a good article on this topic, click here.

This should motivate every single Republican. Do you want Senator Obama selecting up to 4 Supreme Court Justices? Do you want Senator Obama in the White House when the terrorists strike again? Do you want Senator Obama to raise taxes on the "rich" (people making over $100,000)?

John McCain is a steady and tested leader who brings a tremendous amount of experience to the Presidency. He is ready to lead. Senator McCain has a proven track record of getting things done in Washington, not just "hoping".

We can make a difference in Ohio starting with Hamilton County. What can you do NOW to assure Republican leadership in Washington? Click here for my list of what you can do now.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Is there any more powerful symbol in the world than the "$"?

"Money is the mother's milk of politics..." This famous quote came from former California State Treasurer and former Speaker of the California General Assembly, Jesse Unruh. He was a Democrat and a prominent voice in the other party during the 1960s and 70s.

Why am I blogging about money? Because Jesse Unruh's quote is as important today as it was when he first spoke it. To many, it is unfortunate and sad that money plays such an important role in the battle of ideas in our great American democracy. Big money has such great influence that the "little guy" has no chance of making a difference, they say.

Well, I disagree.

First, money is very important in politics. As your Chairman, I struggle daily with the task of raising the significant funds that are required to have a downtown office presence, to pay full-time staff, and to support candidates with our various programs. It is a daily challenge and one that is at the center of what we must do to maintain our presence and importance as a party. Without the resources we need, we would cease to exist.

But, at the end of the day, candidates raise money for one reason: to get out there message to the voters. The "little guy" watches the commercials, hears the speeches, gets the direct mail, visits the web sites, and then...ultimately...WE DECIDE ON ELECTION DAY.

If money were the only factor, Mitt Romney would likely be our presidential nominee in 2008. The 90s would have brought us Ross Perot not Bill Clinton. George Soros and his billion-dollar ultra-radical left-wing spin machine would have a much greater impact than they have up to this point.

Money is important, but in our system, the people decide. Do you disagree?

Monday, May 05, 2008

Marc Dann

There is an old adage in politics that goes something like this: "when your opponent is getting beat-up, just stay out of the way..." (or words to that affect).

I'm doing that today. There are enough voices on this and to add mine would just be posturing at this point.

If he eventually resigns, who should our party run against their appointee?

Saturday, May 03, 2008

This & That for the Weekend Blog Post...

Our Party hosted our annual Campaign School today. Campaign School is a great tradition of the Republican Party and gives our people a chance to hear from some of the best minds in politics about campaign operations. I speak there at 2:30 p.m. today, so drop whatever you're doing and come over to the Ramada Hotel at 8th & Linn St.


Did you see this post on the Enquirer's Politics Extra Blog? It goes:

Mallory: Starting The Pig
Mayor Mark Mallory will be at the starting line Sunday morning, 6:30 a.m., for the 10th Flying Pig Marathon.He'll be starting the race by blowing a whistle. He reiterated Friday his refusal to start races by firing a gun and said his office informs anyone asking him to start a race that he won't do so by firing a gun

As much as I want to make fun of the Democratic Mayor on this, I simply can not. Good for him for taking a stand on this--albeit seemingly silly. The problem of gun violence is very real and if this contributes to a solution, then I'm good with it. See, the Republican Chairman can be magnanimous with a leading Democrat!


Tim Russert has a show on MSNBC simply called "Tim Russert." It's a 1 hour interview program not quite like Meet the Press. Today, he had on Justice Antonin Scalia. Justice Scalia is simply a joy to watch. He is witty, brilliant, engaging and interesting. Justice Scalia is the torch-bearer for a conservative judicial philosophy. There is a difference between political conservativism and legal conservatism. Scalia is a brilliant jurist because he has a consistent conservative judicial philosophy that is unclouded by politics. The Russert episode re-airs at 6:00 p.m. tonight on MSNBC and is worth DVR'ing (while you watch the Derby at 6:08 p.m.).


Feel free to start commenting on this blog. I know many of you read it because you tell me so! But, I want some feedback and this is a great place to have that dialogue.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Attorney General Marc Dann

Many of you may not know this, but Democrat Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann has been embroiled in controversy over the allegation that his top deputy sexually harassed certain female staffers. In addition to those allegations, it has come to light that the Attorney General had young female staffers in his apartment in the late evening hours. The allegation was that a 28 year old staffer was seen at his apartment in "pajamas or sweat pants" and was allegedly "there to stay." The scandal has come to be known as "PajamaGate."

Tomorrow is an important day in the story of this scandal. Attorney General Dann ordered an internal investigation of his office and the goings-on. That report will come out tomorrow.

Who did this investigation? His very own staff.

Would you want to investigate your boss? Could you be "independent" and "objective" about your boss who is an elected politician? It's doubtful.

Many have called for a full, independent investigation of what occured in the AG's office. We will not get that tommorrow. That is unfortunate.

To read about this story in the local Enquirer, click here.

To read the Columbus Dispatch coverage of the latest on this story, click here.