Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The "Furlough Five," etc.

The dysfunction created by the Democrats who control city government was the topic of a scathing Enquirer editorial over the weekend. The left-wingers who run city government have made a mess of things. Check out the editorial here.


John Kasich is well on his way to unseating the highly unpopular Democratic governor of Ohio. The most recent Rasmussen Poll shows Kasich winning by 1 point (a "dead heat" race). Strickland's failure to lead on the critical issues facing Ohio has caused him to drop out of favor with voters. For those of us working with John Kasich, we know he is just the man to be governor during these difficult times. John has the personality, intellect, and independence to be a transformative force for the state. He has a tremendous campaign team and the momentum to win. I can't wait. Read the latest poll data here.


Early voting started yesterday. Go vote today! For information about voting, click here. To see Republicans running in the city, click here. To see Republican officials in suburban offices, click here.


Roman Polanski allegedly used drugs to seduce and then have sex with a 13 year old girl. Read his original grand jury indictment here. After a plea bargain, he was found guilty of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. Before being sentenced, Roman Polanski fled the country and has remained a fugitive from justice. Every American who respects the law and our legal system should applaud the arrest of this CONVICTED criminal. Nobody is above the law in America. Mr. Polanski should have faced the Judge after his criminal conviction and his decision to flee the country should not be rewarded by our judicial system. Justice should be blind and I hope Mr. Polanski gets treated as any other convicted criminal would be treated. The penalty is up to the courts in California. A respect for the law is not a partisan issue and it concerns me that some are publicly criticizing this arrest. Mr. Polanski's decision to flee is reason enough to arrest him. The merits of the case against him and the events of the late 1970s are not the issue at this moment. His failure to appear in a courtroom is the issue. His abject failure to respect the legal process is the issue. For that failure, he deserves what he gets.


Local restaurateur Jeff Ruby is a hero. Remember this when you spend your entertainment dollars. His recent criticism of the "furlough five" city council members who fail to make public safety our first priority is one reason to support him. His constant activism including fundraising for victims of crime is another reason.


A very nice Bengals win on Sunday. Do you follow me on Facebook? I predicted the score within 1 point. I've made enough boneheaded sports predictions on this blog to justify my bragging a little today on me getting it right over the weekend on this call.


I'm currently reading the George Stephanapoulos memoir, "All Too Human." The book is about Mr. Stephanapoulos' years working with President Clinton both on his campaign and in the White House. It is a great read for any political junkie. Although a little dated, the observations about politics and human frailty are timeless. I continue to believe that Stephanapoulos has made the transition from liberal political operative to fair-minded journalist. I may not be joined in that view by many in the GOP. I still believe it. Did I mention that he's Greek?


Michael Moore is threatening Democrats who don't push for a complete government takeover of health care. Go Michael go!


Things are quite busy at Republican HQ with the election approaching. We need your help! Get involved.


Have a great Wednesday.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Greg Harris Must Go

I urge everyone who watches this video to watch the first 10 seconds a couple of times. This is the fundamental problem with the Democratic Party and with people like Greg Harris. His political DNA causes him to want to "spend, spend, spend." Of course, there are times government must and should spend money. However, people in public service should first ask "how do I NOT spend?" Greg Harris is incapable of this kind of thinking.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Spotlight: Christopher McDowell

Chris McDowell is our GOP endorsed candidate for Cincinnati Public Schools Board of Education. Chris is a veteran, a father, and an accomplished lawyer in Cincinnati's finest law firm. He is exactly the type of person we want in public service. Learn more about Chris by clicking here.

The future of the GOP can be found in great candidates like Chris McDowell.

Along with independent John Banner, the citizens of Cincinnati have a chance to make a real change in the public schools in Hamilton County.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mallory Pays Cleveland Consultant $2500 To Write State of City Address

Local television station WLWT-TV is conducting an investigation into the spending at the Mayor's office. Among other things cited in the News 5 report, Mayor Mallory paid $2,500 to an agency to help him write his State of the City address. (

Never mind the fact that the Mayor has a staff of nine people and an office budget of as much as $500,000 and still had to look outside for help. And never mind the fact that the Mayor has to pay anyone at all to tell him the state of his city. The firm he hired was in Cleveland. CLEVELAND. The Mayor of Cincinnati had to pay a Cleveland agency to help write the speech detailing his "successes" in Cincinnati!

This is symptomatic of the problems that infest City Hall. It is just another example of the arrogance that we do not need, and the mismanagement that we can no longer afford. This city does not deserve a Mayor who is creating jobs everywhere but in Cincinnati.

Investigate for yourself by visiting the Mayor's re-election website. ( There are only two buttons to click on: Donate and Volunteer. In other words, two ways YOU can serve HIM. No message, no plan. Just filling the coffers.

Something must be done, and only you can do it. First, pass the Channel 5 link on to all your friends and contacts so that this message gets out. Second, you can support Brad financially. Visit Brad's donation page here ( and give what you can.

This city deserves a Mayor who is a public servant. With your help, now and in November, we will get that man elected.

Sunday Spotlight: Trustee Al Duebber

Delhi Township continues to be a great place to live, work, and raise a family. One lifelong resident of Delhi Township decided to enter public service to keep it that way. That person is Delhi Township Trustee Al Duebber.

Most west-siders are familiar with Duebbers Automotive and Duebbers Carry-out. These landmark businesses have served those from Delhi and surrounding communities for a long time. After building these successful businesses and working in the community in many other respects, Al Duebber continued his commitment to public service by running for Delhi Township Trustee.

Al's work for the community has been recognized by the Community Press newspapers when he was named one of "Ten Who Care" in Delhi Township. He is active in his Kiwanis club and with the Oak Hills schools. Al is making a difference in Delhi Township and across the west side with his work in government and the community.

Al Duebber is also a conservative Republican who has governed true to his principles. Our party remains strong in Hamilton County's suburban communities because of great Republicans like Al Duebber.

To learn more about Al's business, click here.

To learn more about Al's civic involvement and his political career, click here.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Democratic Fight Club

The County Commissioner's meeting yesterday made for interesting television. The highlight had to be the fight that erupted between Democrats David Pepper and O'Dell Owens regarding the Coroner's budget requests for travel. The Enquirer reported it on their blog here. I rarely complain about the local media, but you will find no mention of the fact that this squabble was an intra-party squabble between Democrats. Several months ago, we had one of our elected officials and one of our commissioners disagree and it was, certainly, reported that they were both Republicans. The level of anger directed at Commissioner Pepper by Dr. Owens was far more serious than anything we've seen during this budget battle thus far. Here is part of what happened:
  • Dr. Owens accused Commissioner Pepper of asking him to "break the law."
  • Dr. Owens accused Commissioner Pepper of "disrespecting him."
  • Dr. Owens pointed out that Commissioner Pepper "wouldn't be here next year"--a clear reference to Mr. Pepper's attempt to climb the political ladder by running for statewide office.
  • During one testy exchange, Dr. Owens told Commissioner Pepper, "Go to medical school, become a doctor, and run for Coroner."

It was ugly.

These are very difficult times with the county budget. I watched the county commissioner's special meeting and I watched person after person (most of whom I know personally) come before the commissioners and discuss the serious impact this budget crisis is having on their offices. It is a tough time to be in government and it seems the county is running out of money to offer the most basic services. Setting priorities will be very important and it is my hope that the Democrats who run the county budget set those priorities better than their Democratic counterparts in the city have.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

President Obama Wrong to Comment On Kanye West

The President of the United States has apparently added to the public outcry about Kanye West's heinous interruption of the important message being delivered to the universe by 19 year old country music sensation and national spokeswoman Taylor Swift. The President has allegedly called Mr. West a "jackass." For once, the President might be right.

But the President is wrong. He should not be part of the public dialogue on this silliness. I believe that the President does not have the proper respect for the dignity of the office. I like a president who doesn't know or care what Kanye West did. The country is going broke, losing a war in Afghanistan, and our president is now a pop culture critic. It is a change--for sure. An unwelcome one.

This kind of stuff reminds me of why I am a Republican (as if I needed that in the face of what is happening to the country at the moment). I am a "traditionalist" and that is almost as important a word as "conservative." I believe in the sacred traditions of the country and our democracy and our Constitution. Respecting those traditions and foundations of our government is critical to continuing the model of our democracy that is so important to our future. President Obama is just a new rock-star phenom.

Does anyone remember when President Obama went on the Tonight Show and made a derogatory comment about Special Olympians? How quickly that got off the front page, huh? That type of juvenile and unprofessional behavior is not presidential.

President Obama has the intellect and the gravitas to avoid this silliness. He has not done that, yet.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Thoughts on Democrats Ousting Jeff Berding

The Hamilton County Democratic Party ousted Jeff Berding this morning. They pulled his endorsement for this fall's city council election. This was not a surprise to local political observers or to anyone who read my blog last Friday.

First, Jeff Berding is a Democrat and this blog isn't designed to defend him. There is much with which we do not agree on with Jeff Berding. In fact, his quote this morning should assure Republicans that he is not one of us. He said, [y]ou can take away my endorsement, but you can not take away the fact I am a Democrat...I take a backseat to no one in my commitment to Democratic values.” I am not in the business of defending Democrats--even when ousted from one Democratic group.

Nevertheless, Jeff Berding has sided with the "common-sense" city council members--two of whom are Republicans--in the latest issues to confront city government. He has defied the Mayor and fellow Democrats by seeking to make public safety a budget priority. For this perceived slight to the Mayor, Jeff Berding finds himself a man without a party.

What happened? The Democratic Party of Hamilton County took one gigantic leap to the LEFT today. I wasn't sure there was much room to move left, but they found a way. The Party voted to be intolerant of anyone not supporting their big-spending, pet project agenda at City Hall. There is little doubt that this vote will certainly have a chilling effect on any Democrat who wishes to take an independent approach from the Mayor and the other Democrats who pass things like the Environmental Justice Ordinance or who vote for expensive hi-tech recycling bins. It is unfortunate.

I give Chairman Burke credit for trying to keep it together.

One final thought...can one imagine if our Party ousted a member perceived as more "centrist?" God knows we have a few. Imagine the city's chattering class bashing us for our intolerance. Let's follow the reaction to this story.

Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11, 2001

Today is a solemn and sad day in American history and one that will never be forgotten for those of us that experienced that awful day.

Where were you on 9/11/01?

I can remember exactly where I was. My son was a little over 2 years old and I was home with him on that day. Normally, my son stayed with his grandparents (my parents), but they were in Greece on this day. I had my toddler in his high-chair and I was feeding him breakfast. I was watching the Today show in the living room and was listening to Katie Couric and Matt Lauer as I always did. The news came abruptly and inexplicably. I was glued to the television until after midnight that day never leaving the house. In my west-side neighborhood, the flags starting appearing on every porch and stoop and by the end of the next day, I think every single person in the neighborhood had out a flag or some other symbol of our patriotism displayed outside their home.

I had trouble calling overseas to talk to my parents. After a day, I finally got through to them in Athens and they were, obviously, stunned. They gave me first-hand accounts of how the Greeks were reacting and what the mood was in Europe. We were international victims and we had the sympathy and prayers of the whole world. It was an interesting and sad time.

Since 9/11/01, some say that this day has been politicized. They allege that President Bush and others used 9/11 to further certain political aims. I couldn't disagree more. President Bush's presidency was transformed only 8+ months into his administration. The President acted decisively and with strength. It was the right thing to do to protect Americans.

Many have ignored the history of 9/11 and President Bush's role. Do you remember the presidential campaign of 2000? President Bush ran on a platform of education, compassionate conservatism, anti-nation building, tax cuts, and energy reform. President Bush was not a hawk bent on invading Iraq or any other country. The 9/11 murders were planned and financed during the 8 years that President Clinton was in the White House. Many people have revised history and have made President Bush the poster-boy for America haters. The America haters existed long before he became President and they planned a massive attack on our country long before he showed up. President Bush was left to react. And react he did. Our country is safer today because he did react.

But today is not a day for political debate. It is a day to remember the thousands of innocent men, women, children, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers, who lost their lives doing nothing out of their ordinary routine. It is a sad day.

Today, I have Dad-duty again. My son, now 10, has a bug that has him laid out with a high fever. No, I don't think it's H1N1. But the irony of being home caring for him today isn't lost on me. We'll talk about 9/11 today because he is at the age where things are starting to make sense and he can be thoughtful about what is happening in the world. It will be the job of his generation to help Americans remember today so that history never repeats itself.

Take a minute to remember those we lost.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Criddle Chronicles

Have you read the Criddle Chronicles? Do you get them? You should.

State Central Committeewoman and GOP uber-operative, Christa Criddle publishes her updates and thoughts via e-mail. I'll re-produce them today for your reading enjoyment.

Thanks, Christa, for all you do for the GOP!

--->>> the CRIDDLE CHRONICLES <<<---

"News and Views from the Conservative Voice of SW Ohio"

Volume 2, Issue 24

Monday, September 07, 2009


“I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments by those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.” James Madison


Hi Everyone!

Happy Labor Day … OR as the Dems see it… Happy Celebration Day for all the Workers the Obama Administration can tax to death for their liberal agenda!



I got several calls/e-mails from folks asking me about Obama’s address to the School Students which happens Tuesday. Now, in general, I would have no problem with a President or any public figure giving a message of “stay in school”, “work hard” etc. My concern comes with THIS administration and the fact that there always seems to be an underlying agenda. When I first heard that he was doing this address, my “spidey sense” was peaked. I then found the sheet which gave the suggested activities for teachers. Many of the items on the list seemed very innocuous. HOWEVER there were a few things that did bother me.

  • Teachers were asked to have kids read books about Obama. What kind of books? Who picks the books?

  • “Students could discuss their responses to the following questions: What do you think the President wants us to do? Does the speech make you want to do anything? Are we able to do what President Obama is asking of us?” – Are we able to do what he is asking of us? What if I don’t like what he is asking of them? What if I, as a parent, don’t like it?

  • This was the MOST disturbing to me: Write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president. These would be collected and redistributed at an appropriate later date by the teacher to make students accountable to their goals. – What they can do to help the president?? AND MAKE THE STUDENTS ACCOUNTABLE TO THEIR GOALS??? So, if he asks them to follow his left-wing agenda and they choose NOT to, are they punished? Students have to respect the OFFICE but I do NOT have to respect the agenda.

The biggest issue is that I do not TRUST this administration. With their repeated attempts to gain government control of all aspects of our lives, it only goes to reason that they may want to gain control of our youth and their impressionable minds. I had visions of the “Obama Jungend Bund”, especially with so many of the teachers being part of the Union and followers of Obama. With all the attention, I presume that the speech will be very bland now and without controversy so they can say “I told you so” however, my concern was always with how the teachers will take it to that next level. How will the liberal teachers handle it? I am proud to say that my kids’ school is NOT going to show this speech.

If I am to look at the GOOD that came out of the last election, it is that the people finally see they need to pay attention to the government and speak up and they are doing so. The people are now paying attention and speaking up. He is NOT going to get a pass to indoctrinate our kids.



Congratulations to the Tea Party and Cincinnati 9/12 group for an incredibly successful event this past Saturday. The official crowd estimate was 18,000 patriots- that makes it the biggest Tea Party event in the MidWest! Kudos to all coordinators.

A BIG thanks to all the folks who came out to volunteer for Rob Portman. It was a great success and Rob also expressed his appreciation for all of your help! Rob Portman attended and spoke with and listened to the people at the event for a couple of hours.



RNC Chairman Michael Steele had a press conference this past Thursday at JTM. He did a great job discussing what the Republicans have been TRYING to put forward. ALL REPUBLICAN AMENDMENTS AND BILLS, over 800 in fact, have been rejected by the Democrats. The Dems will not allow ANYTHING we present to go forward. Our team has been pushing for portability, tort reform and seniors bill of rights. It was nice to actually meet and see him in person. He is very impressive and did a great job answering press questions. Too bad hardly anyone covered it. You could be sure that if Howard “the scream” Dean came to town it would have been top story everywhere.

The Dems want nothing to do with REAL solutions. They want to just push forward the far Left-Wing agenda.


This week’s BIZ-CZAR News!

Well, with Obama’s growing list of Czars from everything to the AIDS Czar to the Information Czar to our latest favorite Green Czar Van Jones, 9/11 Truther, known communist and apparent racist. It finally came out, after a lot of pressure and thanks to conservative talk show hosts, he resigned this past weekend. You can tell a man by the friends he keeps… and appoints to a position WITH NO OVERSIGHT. Cabinet positions have to at least get the approval of the Senate. Czars are not subject to that oversight, which can make them extremely dangerous to push forward their agenda with no accountability to the people.

Just today, Barak Hussein Obama, with his little buddy Steve Driehaus (aka Nancy Pelosi’s Little Sock Puppet) standing by his side, will announce Ron Bloom as his Manufacturing Czar, today at the AFSCME Picnic at Coney Island. Why does that name sound familiar? Ron Bloom has been the Car Czar. He is the one who has been running “Government Motors” (GM) and Chrysler.

What I read into that is that now he has the limited experience of controlling the Auto Industry, BHO wants him to plot the takeover of the rest of the Manufacturing Industry—and he is doing it with the backing of the Unions.



A.K.A. Steve Driehaus found the time TODAY to hang out with BFF B.H.O. at the AFSCME picnic. Too bad he couldn’t be bothered to face his votes and his constituents at the TEA PARTY this past Saturday. NPLSP was invited to answer questions at the forum part of the event but didn’t have the guts to show his face. Former (and Future) Congressman Steve Chabot was PROUD to attend and mix and mingle with the TRUE patriots of this area.



We have a meeting coming up on THIS FRIDAY, September 11 where some endorsements will be made. I will keep you updated on what happens. I encourage each of you to attend some of the upcoming events so you can meet and get to know our 2010 candidates.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Did You Know?

I fully admit that I saw this video at Leadership Cincinnati today and found it so incredibly interesting that I wanted to share it. Assuming the video contains factual information, it is an incredible commentary on how science and technology have changed the world. It is a message that every person hoping to enter public service ought to appreciate because the "exponential" nature of our world challenges government officials in ways not foreseeable to most. I hope readers enjoy it as much as I did.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Reaction to the President's Remarks in Hamilton County

President Obama delivered remarks today to a ticketed event at the AFL-CIO Labor Day Picnic at Coney Island. The campaign-style event was designed to influence voters during a period where his popularity is sinking as fast as any President in modern memory.

I listened to the President’s remarks today and have several reactions. The President is a fine speaker, but it is the words that he speaks that are so contrary to what people in Ohio and Hamilton County want to hear. Many in the labor movement have been misguided by the Democratic Party and by this President. The President’s policies are bankrupting America and leaving a legacy of debt that will hamper the ability of future generations to thrive as we have. His fix for our economic woes is to print money at a dizzying pace so as to prop up the economy on deficit spending. His solution on health care offers no answer to the key question: “How do we pay for this?”

As the product of a union household, I was disappointed by some of the class warfare and populist rhetoric from the President of the United States. A growing and thriving business sector is not the enemy to working people. It is how jobs are created and how citizens everywhere find their way to the American dream. Our national leadership should work to create an environment where business can succeed and create jobs for everyone. Instead, our President opted for the same old Democratic rhetoric that pits worker against management and the wage payer against the wage earner. This is not the way to incentivize job creation and wealth creation.

The President challenged Republicans about our plans on health care. Obviously, he hasn’t been listening. Republicans have offered over 800 bills or amendments to bills in the recent months and have been stymied by Democrats at every turn. Perhaps the President can hear about the GOP plan from us in Hamilton County. The GOP stands for portability in health care. We stand for protecting those with pre-existing conditions. We support the pooling of health care to allow small business owners and individuals to get lower rates in the free marketplace by buying in bulk. We favor tort reform that protects doctors from costly and frivolous litigation that drives up the cost of care and leaves doctors practicing defensive medicine. We are for health care reform. We are against a big government bureaucracy that we cant’ afford.

One final thought about all of this. Doesn't the President always speak in a way that makes America sound broken? It is not broken. Not yet. His spending will leave us broke if it continues, but America is not broken.

Wenstrup Values

Meet Brad Wenstrup

Friday, September 04, 2009

An Unpopular President, etc.

It is hard to believe that the Labor Day weekend, the unofficial end of summer, is upon us. It seems the summer gets a little shorter each year. Labor Day also is the unofficial start of the fall campaign season. Our candidates have been hard at work all spring and summer, but there is no doubt that things begin to get urgent right now.


I was pleased to meet RNC Chairman Michael Steele yesterday. Chairman Steele visited with local elected leaders and citizens at JTM. The Chairman is engaging and charismatic. Even in a smaller private group, he was at ease and jovial. I truly enjoyed the meeting. He commands the attention of a room because he is articulate and forceful without being crass (like Howard Dean) or hateful. We have great leadership and that will help us in the long term.


Speaking of JTM Food Group, special thanks to JTM CEO Tony Maas. Tony is a great friend and a tremendous supporter to many Republican candidates. Tony is the conscience of the GOP because he always speaks about the importance of faith, a respect for life, and the central role of the family in America. Tony is inspiring and every Republican ought to listen to Tony's message about the important role that values have in the future of our party and nation. I appreciate Tony's great friendship and his strong support of the GOP.


President Obama will be here on Monday at the Labor Day picnic at Coney Island. It is fair to say that he is now an "unpopular President." He is. Republicans told Americans several things last year. First, we said that then Sen. Obama was "the most liberal Senator in the U.S." The man has exploded the size of government and has run up the deficit to levels never dreamed of by most Americans. Second, we said Sen. Obama was "inexperienced." Has his mishandling of the health care debacle not proven his inexperience? Third, we warned about his foreign policy. His administration is weakening our ability to battle foreign enemies by undermining the critical role of the CIA. So far, we Republicans have the right to say "we told ya so." We did.


The Mayor of Cincinnati is once again colluding with the five liberal Democrats on the council to stifle progress and undermine public safety. The Mayor wouldn't even allow a discussion at the Wednesday council meeting of the proposal by the four sensible members of the council to save police officers. Pet projects need to take a back seat to public safety in this environment. "Remember in November."


A very convincing preseason win last night by our beloved Bengals. Dare we be optimistic? I've made peace with Chad Johnson (refusing to use the new name). He has been entertaining on Hard Knocks, but his work ethic and desire to be a great receiver come through. I'm rooting for the Bengals and Chad in 2009.


I had the distinct honor of following hall of famer Anthony Munoz to the podium at a fundraising event for Dr. Wenstrup on Wednesday. I had a chance to speak with Anthony at the event and he is just a tremendous guy. He is "old school" and this conservative likes that.


I'm hearing about trouble with our friends over at the Hamilton County Democratic Party. Will they meet on 9/12 to consider pulling the endorsement of some independent minded Democrats? This is the rumor. In the U.S., we try to fit lots of different political views into two "big tents." It can be a challenge. On this point, I commiserate with my colleague Tim Burke. We shouldn't take any glee in these problems. Well, maybe just a little!


I have made reading this blog mandatory for my 10 year old. So, a quick "shout out" to Michael. He is now my third loyal reader and not voluntarily. Most readers think it is written for 10 year olds, so he should not have any problems.


Have a great long weekend.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Voice of American Rally this Saturday!

Front lawn of the Voice of America Park Museum
8070 Tylersville Rd.
West Chester, Ohio 45069


12:00pm - Onsite Parking Opens
1:00pm - Music begins, food and merchandise vendors begin
3:00pm - National Anthem
3:05pm - Speakers/Town Hall Program Begins
6:00pm - God Bless America/Event Ends

Hamilton County Welcomes Chairman Michael Steele

RNC Chairman Michael Steele will visit Cincinnati today and we're thrilled to have him here. Chairman Steele will visit JTM Foods in Harrison, Ohio where he will meet with business owners and other interested citizens who care about health care reform. Chairman Steele is a great national leader for the GOP and I'm looking forward to the visit.