Sunday, January 24, 2010

Want to Run for Office?

Running for public office is a serious commitment. Are you interested in stepping into the public arena? The filing deadline for public office is February 18, 2010 and we are actively screening candidates right now.

1. Judicial Races

Despite the steady rumor mill that seems to be such a part of judicial races, the judicial screening committee of the party has only selected ONE candidate--John Williams for Juvenile Court. Our screening committee is meeting in early February to recommend the GOP endorsement for other candidates. Are you interested in running for Judge? Forget the rumors, let us know immediately.

2. State House of Representatives Races

The job of a state representative is critically important to setting policy for state government. We have many great Republicans already serving in the State House, but we need more. We are actively screening for candidates against the Democrats. Here is a lineup of the local delegation by district:

28th -- Connie Pillich (D) is incumbent. (Three vying for GOP nomination in primary)
29th -- Lou Blessing (R) is incumbent.
30th -- Bob Mecklenborg (R) is incumbent.
31st -- Denise Driehaus (D) is incumbent. (One GOP candidate about to announce)
32nd -- Dale Mallory (D) is incumbent. (GOP actively screening for candidate)
33rd -- (No incumbent--Rep. Yates recently appointed as a Judge) (GOP actively screening)
34th -- Peter Stautberg (R) is incumbent.

For a map of the legislative districts, click here.

Are you interested in running in the 32nd or 33rd against the Democrat? Let us know immediately by contacting Maggie at

This year stands to be a strong year for conservatives, so step up and run. We stand a great chance to make gains!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chabot Ahead In Most Recent Polling

A recent SurveyUSA poll has Steve Chabot ahead of Steve Driehaus 59% to 36%--a 17% point lead for Steve Chabot!

SurveyUSA is among the most credible polling organizations in the nation. A recent study of polling accuracy rated SurveyUSA as 2nd in the country in accuracy ahead of such polling companies as Rasmussen, Mason-Dixon, and the Quinnipiac Poll. To view pollster ratings, click here.

This poll also measured President Obama's approval rating in the district. President Obama has an abysmal 42% approval rating with a whopping 55% of those polled disapproving of his job performance. These numbers mark serious trouble for Steve Driehaus because he has been a rubber-stamp for the liberal agenda of Nancy Pelosi and President Obama.

To read more coverage about this poll and what it means, check out this site.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Told ya so...

About one year ago, I wrote the below blog entry. At the risk of sounding immodest, I was spot-on.

Here it is for my two readers to enjoy, again:

Republished from January 29, 2009
Sometime just before Election Day last year, a close friend and Republican privately asked me, "Will Obama be THAT bad?" "Really, aren't the parties just the same?" "He is just one man and he seems smart and has new ideas." Many Americans (about 60 million) felt that way and elected President Obama.

In that private moment, I agreed with my friend on a few key things: (1) Obama is smart, (2) He has some fresh and interesting ideas that sound good when he says them, and (3) We need to do something because the country is sliding downward.

But, I then explained to him that voting for one man for President means much more than just a new face at the White House. When you vote for President, you vote for a political party and for a set of ideals and principles that the President's party promotes. The principles of his party are ultimately bad for America and begin a slide to the left that will be bad for the American dream well into the future.

I went on to explain that the Obama administration will empower and embolden a very left-of-center Nancy Pelosi. I explained that Obama will likely appoint federal judges that are soft on crime, against logical tort reform, and pro-abortion. I explained that the Obama team will bring in 6,000 new appointees across the government and a large majority of those people will possess the same values as Nancy Pelosi and her very liberal friends. I further predicted that the Democrats will do what they always do: tax and spend.

In the end, it is a slippery slope of liberalism that will slide this nation to the left in a way that hurts the country. The Obama legacy throughout government will be to appoint activist judges and to spend our great-great grandchildren's money on liberal pet projects.

Yesterday, we saw the biggest lurch to the left that we could ever imagine with this ridiculous, pork-laden, non-job-creating, wasteful stimulus package passed by Speaker Pelosi. I am proud of John Boehner and our Republicans and of 11 sensible Democrats who opposed the insanity. Our future as a party will be defined for us by the Democrats if they continue with this drunken spending of our money. George Will called the bill "an exercise in wretched excess." He could not be more right.

This country is taking a gigantic step to the political left at this moment in history. This is not the "change" America wanted. In America, the private sector creates jobs and people should keep more of their own money to spend for themselves. We should incentivize job creation and small business growth by cutting taxes. We should curb spending and limit the size of government. None of that thinking prevails in Washington or Columbus or Cincinnati City Hall these days.

It is a slippery slope that slides left.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today we celebrate the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King. It is fitting that we do so as his work changed America.

I blogged about Dr. King last year and about the debate regarding his political affiliation. Click here to read that.

Enjoy the holiday and remember Dr. King today.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Massachusetts as GOP territory? And...

Is the above state now a Republican stronghold? It might be. Massachusetts is on the brink of electing a Republican to fill the seat vacated by the passing of Sen. Ted Kennedy. This is good news on many levels for the GOP. Even if Scott Brown falls short, his candidacy is a wake-up call for the Democrats and for all of America. It sends the important message that average Americans are fed-up with the spending and out-of-control government in Washington. It also pokes a hole in the theory that the GOP is now a southern, regional party. The pendulum is swinging back fast and it couldn't be a better time. I'll predict a Scott Brown victory in Massachusetts.


The disaster in Haiti is biblical in its proportion. Consider helping the Haitian people in this tragedy by donating through the American Red Cross at You can also text the word "Haiti" to the number 90999 and this will donate $10 to the Red Cross. I did it. It was easy. And I'll do it again, today.


Congratulations to John Kasich and Mary Taylor for coming together to form a super-ticket for the November election. Failed Governor Ted Strickland is in big trouble because he is a traditional Democrat who believes that economic growth and prosperity are the job of government not the private sector. Free markets drive economic growth--not big government. By next year, failed Governor Strickland will find himself in the same predicament as thousands in Ohio under his watch. He will be unemployed. That's one job-loss that will do us all some good.


We continue to see a strong influx of great conservatives motivated by the Tea Party movement coming into our party. In Green Township on Wednesday night, one couple said to me, "we are off the couch and so are our neighbors." That is great news for our movement, our party, and our ideals. Changing America starts by electing leaders with the guts to make tough decisions and to have the support of the people to do so.


There is a very real angst among people in America right now that cannot be denied. In so many ways, the country is headed in the wrong direction. The same old solutions from the same old politicians has many people angry--and rightfully so. I share that angst. We have a government we can't afford. We have leaders who seem out-of-touch. We spend far too much money on far too many things outside the scope of what government ought to do. We have empowered the federal government to do things far beyond its original purpose. The challenge for the Republican Party is going to be to act DIFFERENTLY when we are empowered by the people to make decisions in government. Let's hope we've learned our lesson.


I had a nice discussion yesterday with Dr. Al Tuchfarber, a noted political scientist and pollster from the University of Cincinnati. Dr. Tuchfarber is predicting a huge year for the GOP. Although we all seem to keep hearing and feeling it, it was nice to have someone as scientifically skilled as Dr. Tuchfarber confirm much of what we believe for 2010.


Our ticket of judicial candidates is lining-up very nicely. Several new and exciting names have surfaced over the last few days and I couldn't be more excited. In a strong Republican year, I see us having another great year in the courthouse. And I anticipate picking-up a couple of seats, too. Look for some surprises there. The planning for our judicial salute fundraiser is well under way and our party is energized to win in 2010.


John Kasich announced his running mate selection via Twitter yesterday. If you're not on Twitter, do it right now. By "following" the right tweets, Twitter has become my best and fastest source of news and information. One glance at my Twitter page on my phone typically gives me all the news I need with links to learn more. It is an incredible tool of this generation and people who shun it do so at their own loss. We are in the greatest information age of all time and, as Republicans, we must embrace this new technology or fall behind and fall victim to the stodgy stereotypes that are improperly assigned to conservatives.


Justice Maureen O'Connor from the Ohio Supreme Court was in Cincinnati yesterday. It is always great to see the Justice. She delivered remarks to our Early Bird donors and to our Leadership Council. Justice O'Connor is running for Chief Justice--a position I expect her to win. Justice O'Connor won every single county (all 88!) in Ohio in 2008 and earned more votes than President Obama.


When do pitchers and catchers report?


Temperatures in the 40s this weekend. Is it too soon for a little D2D?


Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kasich Announcement to Come Via Twitter

I have preached the importance of social media networking like Twitter and Facebook to our party faithful for over a year. Tomorrow, John Kasich's campaign is doing the same thing by making a major campaign announcement via Twitter. The Kasich Campaign will have a major press event at 3:o0 p.m, but the announcement from the campaign will come via Twitter a little sooner--at 1:30 p.m.

John Kasich is running a tremendous campaign. He is the right man for this job at this time in our history.

Here is the announcement from the Kasich campaign:

Tomorrow afternoon, I will be making a special announcement which will have a tremendous impact on Ohio’s future. While the rest of the world will hear this announcement at a 3:00pm EST press conference, I am excited to be able to share this information with you exclusively on Twitter at 1:30pm EST.

Please make sure you sign up for a Twitter account and follow me so you can learn about this historic announcement before anyone else. If you’re new to Twitter or just beginning to learn the ropes, please be sure to check out the Kasich for Ohio Twitter Guide. Then, look for my tweet at 1:30pm EST tomorrow afternoon.

Afterward, you will be able to watch the press conference live on at 3:00pm EST.


John R. Kasich
Candidate for Governor

Sunday, January 10, 2010

KindleGate, Etc.

It might surprise you to know that I am not so sure that buying Kindle's for all of city council is such a mistake. The mistake was to not properly communicate the idea to members of council before springing the idea on them. Even more improper was the tin political ear that such a purchase demonstrates. Nevertheless, I'm not so sure it couldn't amount to a cost savings. I have a personal Kindle and I think it is tremendous. Should the taxpayers foot the bill (for the most expensive model)? Not without a better explanation and more buy-in from members. Poor communication and an inability to work cooperatively by the Chairwoman of the Finance Committee seems to have hurt an otherwise, possibly, good idea.


I am pleased to report that we have an influx of new energy and excitement coming to our Republican party. Many of those energized by the Tea Party movement are coming into our party and seeking to become precinct executives and to become involved in other ways. My message to these great conservatives is very simple: WELCOME! The energy and enthusiasm demonstrated by this movement is important to what we are trying to accomplish in Hamilton County. While many Tea Party activists are unhappy with the direction of the GOP, I believe that our local effort to recruit, retain, and promote strong local candidates can only benefit from new energy and new ideas from strong conservatives.


Our first ever Hamilton County Republican Party Scholarship Program is in full-swing. Our GOP Leadership Council is administering the scholarship program where the Party will award $3,000 worth of scholarships to high school seniors who demonstrate a commitment to the GOP and conservative values. I am a proud of this program and especially thankful to our Leadership Council for overseeing this youth outreach program. We'll publish the winning essay once announced.


The Bengals finished a good season on a disappointing note. At least readers will no longer be subjected to my predictions. Of course, we do have the Bearcats and that little progr'm on Victory Parkway.


Another busy week is ahead for HQ. We're pleased to host John Kasich and Governor Jeb Bush on Tuesday. I will be the guest speaker at Green Township. And a week full of meetings with elected officials, activists and donors.


Do you want to write a guest blog? Please let us know. We welcome a variety of points of view.


Michele Bachmann's appearance in Hamilton County is creating a buzz and a stir that is not at all surprising. She is an exciting speaker and will help energize our party.


Sen. Harry Reid should step down as Majority Leader of the United States Senate because of his insensitive and racially inappropriate remarks about the President of the United States. There has never been a more blatant double-standard about the issue of race that I can recall. Let's examine his remarks. He stated that then Sen. Obama, "as a black candidate...could be successful thanks in part to his “light-skinned” appearance and speaking patterns "with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one." (click here to read the CNN Report) The remark was offensive in that it pre-supposes that Americans would be more likely to elect a lighter skinned African American than a darker skinned one. That plays on a horrible stereotype. It also means that an African-American politician who speaks with what Sen. Reid considers a "negro-dialect" might not be successful because of a dialect specific to the African-American culture. The remarks are racially inappropriate and play on the stereotypes too common in his generation--but completely improper from our leaders in government. The Democratic support for his remarks only serve to undermine America's efforts to eradicate inequalities based on race. A Republican would be treated differently and that is unfortunate.


Want to volunteer for Rob Portman's campaign? Email Maggie at for more information about key opportunities.


Have a great week.