Sunday, July 26, 2009

Enquirer: Come Home, Mr. Mayor

Mark Mallory is a good man from a great family. He is a lousy Mayor and an even less effective leader. That has never been more clear than at this moment in our city's history.

The Cincinnati Enquirer editorial board rightfully took a swipe at the Mayor with today's editorial. Check it out here.

The Mayor's recent travels display an arrogance that he is not typically known for. With the city in the midst of a very tough budget crisis and in an election year, he has been globetrotting mercilessly with nothing to show for his travels. It is almost comical if it weren't so brazen.

Brad Wenstrup is well traveled, too. Only his foreign travel doesn't take him to a sister city visit to Japan or to a boondoggle in Portland. He went to Iraq where he helped heal the wounded and serve our great nation.

Mr. Mallory has a great political name. He has a legendary political family. He is, in the end, a nice and decent guy. But, Dr. Brad Wenstrup is the clear choice to bring bold and experienced leadership to our town.