Sunday, March 21, 2010

Democrat(ic) Money Burn: Health Care

It looks like the Democrats will pass this horrible legislation today. We can't be surprised. The Democrats hold large majorities in both chambers of the Congress. The most liberal Senator of the United States Senate was elected President. The American people elected this government.

There is not much that I can add to the debate and discussion about this behemoth legislation. But I can't resist.

My observations here are fairly simple and straightforward:
  • Americans of all political stripes need to understand that we have a government we can't afford. Yes, President Bush and Republicans contributed to that, but this President and this Congress have made them look like pikers.

  • I am very proud that Republicans have steadfastly stood against this bill.

  • The myth that Republicans do not want to reform our health care system is the most annoying part of this whole debate. The GOP members of Congress have a plan and have many ideas for improving the system. The mainstream media largely ignores it. Our candidates have not adequately touted it.

  • The small number of moronic protesters who made racially inappropriate remarks today in Washington should be condemned. This bill is bad for America and the liberal agenda of this very liberal President are unpopular and all of that has nothing to do with race. Those few inappropriate protesters hurt our cause.

  • Without even being there, I can guarantee that 99% of those protesting in Washington were civilized, respectful, and appropriate. I wish the war protesters and the Bush-haters had been this way. I have been around the Tea Party and 9/12'ers and they are patriots. The effort to paint that movement as fringe is wrong.

  • This thing is getting in the way of hoops.