Saturday, October 02, 2010

Broken Government

This is the face of broken government. This is State Rep. Connie Pillich. Her shameful campaign for the 28th House District is the perfect embodiment of why America, the state, and our local governments are terribly broken.

The United States of America borrows 41 cents of every dollar it spends. We are financing our current out-of-control spending by leaving our children with a legacy of debt that is unconscionable. Our state faces an unprecedented $8 billion budget deficit after failed Governor Strickland used smoke-and-mirrors and federal stimulus dollars to balance budgets right up to the year of his potential re-election. Rep. Pillich and her ilk are co-conspirators.

This past week, Pillich and her big-spending, big-government friends in Columbus have begun a series of silly, baseless, and false attacks on Mike Wilson.

Here is how it works in modern American politics: A candidate with the courage to talk about trimming government comes under withering attack from the very special interest groups who have their snouts in the trough of government. Those feeding at the trough spend endless dollars to protect their right to continue to feed. It is shameful and immoral because it hurts the country. Yet, it continues.

In the 28th House District, Pillich is the embodiment of waste in government. She and her uber-liberal friends in Columbus have set this state on a path to have an $8 billion budget deficit. When candidate Mike Wilson offers real solutions based on actually trimming government in a responsible way, Pillich and those with their snouts in the trough go on the attack--and mercilessly.

If America is ever to recover from the path to destruction that liberal Democrats have placed us on, we're going to need to recognize the above scenario and reject those politicians who continue to scare people to win re-election.

I laugh when I hear liberals say that conservatives spread fear. They said these silly things right after the nutty terrorists killed thousands of innocent civilians on 9/11. I suppose we shouldn't be scared after that, huh?

But now, the fear campaigns come from people like Connie Pillich. Fear that veterans will be hurt. Fear that seniors will suffer. Fear, fear, fear. Nonsense.

It is my greatest hope that the legacy of the Tea Party movement and a resurgent Republican Party will be to stand-up to the fear mongering and actually have the courage to make the difficult political decisions to set our government on a course to fiscal sanity. We must not and cannot let people like Connie Pillich and her liberal friends deter our quest to bring government under control.

For more information on Mike Wilson and his quest to slay the beast of out-of-control spending and to bring Connie Pillich back home so she can't do further damage to the state, check out his website at: