Thursday, April 23, 2009

Republican Prosecutor Joe Deters

Cincinnati woke up this morning to the story about the arrest of a man in Mexico for brutally murdering 4 innocent people in Sharonville in 2007. The story properly gave credit to the dogged determination of Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters in tracking down this vicious killer. To read about Joe's work on this case and how he never gave up, click here.

Over the last year, I watched closely as Joe traveled to Mexico and to Washington, D.C. (as was reported in the story) to push for the man who committed these horrendous crimes to be brought to justice. I had no doubt he would prevail.

Too often, Republicans forget to stop and appreciate how great Republicans are making a difference in our community. We're too busy pointing our fingers. Joe's work on behalf of these 4 innocent men in Sharonville is a testament to what a great Prosecutor he is. Great work, Joe!