Thursday, April 09, 2009

You Can't Handle the Truth

The Democratic Party, many in the media, and far too many Americans are simply not being told the truth about something very important. President George W. Bush is not the reason many people around the world dislike Americans!

What do I mean?

Has America forgotten that the vicious attacks of September 11, 2001 occurred exactly 8 months into the Bush Presidency? Can anyone reasonably say that those terrorists planned this massive attack because of something President Bush did in foreign policy? No way.

Does anyone remember the campaign for the presidency of 2000? The issues Bush ran on were mainly domestic. What had Bush done 8 months into his presidency to cause the attacks of 9/11? NOTHING.

Somehow, President Obama and many in the media have us believing that we are hated around the world because of President Bush. That is NONSENSE.

They hated us before President Bush took office!

The recent worldwide apology tour completed by President Obama was enough to make me sick. His international tour was an embarrassment to the greatest country in the history of the world and was disrespectful to the Presidency. President Obama bowing to a foreign King was the last straw. (yes, the President bowed, click here). That amateurish bow was exactly why this man was unfit to be elected. He is an appeaser.

The truth? America is a superpower with influence in every corner of the world. We had it before 9/11 and we'll likely still have it after this rookie President leaves office. Our power makes us a target and leaves many people across the globe resentful of what we do. There is nothing President Obama can do to change that.

America can only have peace through strength. I am concerned that President Obama will learn this lesson the hard way and only after a major attack on our people and our interests.