Saturday, June 27, 2009

Driehaus Wrong on Cap and Trade

***Immediate Release***
Rep. Steve Driehaus voted "Yes" on HR 2454, the so-called "Cap and Trade" Bill, further alienating him from his constituents in Ohio's 1st Congressional District. To see his vote and how he joined his Democratic colleagues in raising your taxes, click here.

This controversial tax hike on energy passed under the guise of protecting the environment. It passed on a largely party-line vote of 219-212. With 44 Democrats opposing it (including ultra-liberal Dennis Kucinich), the Democratic leadership needed Steve Driehaus. As usual, they got him.

Mr. Driehaus has forgotten where he came from and is now part of the liberal, big-spending, over-taxing Democratic machine in Washington, D.C. He does what he is told in Washington by the Democratic party.

The "cap and trade" bill is a tax hike on energy. House minority leader John Boehner says it best:
"The so-called “cap and trade” proposal amounts to a carbon tax, plain and simple. The plan would cap emissions, such as carbon dioxide, and force companies to purchase “credits” from companies who use less energy to meet the governments’ emissions requirements. House Republicans agree that we should work together to make real progress in promoting clean air, clean water, and a healthy environment, but “cap and trade” is not the answer.

The Administration’s budget expects to raise $646 billion in “climate revenue” by 2020. That’s $646 billion in new taxes imposed on coal, oil, and natural gas - which currently provides 85% of America’s energy. “Cap and trade” would empower bureaucrats in Washington to dictate energy prices and make choices that are best left to free markets and free people. Proposing new taxes on energy during a recession is not the answer to creating economic growth or job creation."

Statement of Chairman Alex M. Triantafilou
"This vote for "cap and trade" by Rep. Driehaus is further proof that he has forgotten his west-side roots and is now part of the big spending and big taxing Democratic majority in Washington. After his election in November, it was my hope that he would follow a more centrist course in Washington like some of his Democratic predecessors in the 1st Congressional district. He has done the opposite."

"Rep. Driehaus has demonstrated a history of voting just as the Democratic majority in Washington wants him to vote. He supported Nancy Pelosi as the Speaker of the House of Representatives. He voted for the nearly $800 billion stimulus package that will burden our great-grandchildren with debt and has yet to stimulate anything. Now, he has voted for a massive tax on energy at a time when our nation can least afford it."

"Mr. Driehaus' party-line voting history is a far departure from the independent voice of Steve Chabot. Mr. Driehaus has failed to put a CAP on frivolous spending and higher taxes in Washington so the voters should TRADE him for Steve Chabot in 2010."