Saturday, June 20, 2009

Senator Bob Schuler

Our state, our county, and our party lost a great man yesterday with the passing of State Senator Bob Schuler. Bob passed away yesterday after a valiant battle with cancer.

Bob Schuler was a great man. As a legislator, he stayed true to his conservative Republican principles but always managed to work effectively to achieve great things in government. He was a gentleman. In addition to his strong work in the legislature, Bob was a great father and husband. He will be truly missed.

Bob was well enough to make it to party headquarters only a few weeks ago. He seemed to be getting along quite well and he was completely himself. He offered up his advice on many statewide issues and he was "in the game" in every way.

Bob's "Pasta Parties" became a spring tradition among the party faithful and, true to his conservatism, Bob never asked for more than about $25 at this annual fundraising event. I attended several and the huge crowds were a testament to how popular Bob was.
Bob's accomplishments in the legislature were recognized by many groups leading to his receiving these awards: Ohio Brain Injury Association-Meritorious Award, Ohio Parks and Recreation- Legislator of the Year , Ohio Social Workers-Public Official of the Year, Hamilton County Township Association- Legislator of the Year, Ohio AMVETS- Legislator of the Year, United Conservatives of Ohio-Watchdog of the Treasury.

We should all keep Bob and his wonderful family in our prayers. I will be posting more information about the arrangements for Bob as they become known to us.