Saturday, October 31, 2009

CPS Board of Education

In last Sunday's Forum section of the Enquire, the paper called for substantial change in the contract with the teachers' union. Despite this call for needed change, the Enquire ignored conservative pro-business candidates who will facilitated the change we need and instead endorsed a slate of three incumbents, whom the Enquirer is currently suing for holding improper closed door meetings, plus a pro-union candidate, Vanessa White. White, who pretends to be pro-business when talking with business leaders, had to be asked several times by Enquirer reporter Ben Fischer what her stance was on prevailing wage before she reluctantly confessed that she favors the current CPS pro-union policy of paying prevailing wage on building contracts. The Enquirer's endorsement of 16 year incumbent Catherine Ingram is also troubling as she is endorsed by the same teacher's union that the Enquirer wants the Board to take a tough stance with. When will the Enquirer learn that if we are to have true change, we must vote for change. The Republican Party has endorsed a pro-kids, pro-business, candidate in Christopher McDowell. When elected to the Board next Tuesday, McDowell will put the interests of children and taxpayers ahead of special interest groups. This is why the Republican Party strongly endorses Christopher McDowell.