Sunday, October 25, 2009

Vote 5 + Wenstrup

Election Day is only 8 days away. For those Republicans in the city of Cincinnati who wish to bring some sanity back to city government, we want to urge you to NOT dilute your vote by voting for non-Republicans.

How does this work? Every vote you cast for a non-Republican HURTS our Republican candidates in a field race by helping the non-Republicans finish as one of the top nine candidates. That's right, your vote for some of the non-Republicans (who sometimes sound like Republicans--but not often enough to receive our endorsement) dilutes your vote for Republicans and actually hurts our candidates. Every vote for a non-Republican is one more vote they get to finish in the top 9 and these candidates are all competing with our candidates for those top 9 spots. Don't dilute our limited Republican vote in the city.

Mayor -- Brad Wenstrup

Five Council Candidates:
Leslie Ghiz
Chris Monzel
Amy Murray
Charlie Winburn
George Zamary

So, we are urging every Republican in the city to:

Vote Wenstrup, then VOTE 5 AND STOP!