Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Told ya so...

About one year ago, I wrote the below blog entry. At the risk of sounding immodest, I was spot-on.

Here it is for my two readers to enjoy, again:

Republished from January 29, 2009
Sometime just before Election Day last year, a close friend and Republican privately asked me, "Will Obama be THAT bad?" "Really, aren't the parties just the same?" "He is just one man and he seems smart and has new ideas." Many Americans (about 60 million) felt that way and elected President Obama.

In that private moment, I agreed with my friend on a few key things: (1) Obama is smart, (2) He has some fresh and interesting ideas that sound good when he says them, and (3) We need to do something because the country is sliding downward.

But, I then explained to him that voting for one man for President means much more than just a new face at the White House. When you vote for President, you vote for a political party and for a set of ideals and principles that the President's party promotes. The principles of his party are ultimately bad for America and begin a slide to the left that will be bad for the American dream well into the future.

I went on to explain that the Obama administration will empower and embolden a very left-of-center Nancy Pelosi. I explained that Obama will likely appoint federal judges that are soft on crime, against logical tort reform, and pro-abortion. I explained that the Obama team will bring in 6,000 new appointees across the government and a large majority of those people will possess the same values as Nancy Pelosi and her very liberal friends. I further predicted that the Democrats will do what they always do: tax and spend.

In the end, it is a slippery slope of liberalism that will slide this nation to the left in a way that hurts the country. The Obama legacy throughout government will be to appoint activist judges and to spend our great-great grandchildren's money on liberal pet projects.

Yesterday, we saw the biggest lurch to the left that we could ever imagine with this ridiculous, pork-laden, non-job-creating, wasteful stimulus package passed by Speaker Pelosi. I am proud of John Boehner and our Republicans and of 11 sensible Democrats who opposed the insanity. Our future as a party will be defined for us by the Democrats if they continue with this drunken spending of our money. George Will called the bill "an exercise in wretched excess." He could not be more right.

This country is taking a gigantic step to the political left at this moment in history. This is not the "change" America wanted. In America, the private sector creates jobs and people should keep more of their own money to spend for themselves. We should incentivize job creation and small business growth by cutting taxes. We should curb spending and limit the size of government. None of that thinking prevails in Washington or Columbus or Cincinnati City Hall these days.

It is a slippery slope that slides left.