Sunday, January 24, 2010

Want to Run for Office?

Running for public office is a serious commitment. Are you interested in stepping into the public arena? The filing deadline for public office is February 18, 2010 and we are actively screening candidates right now.

1. Judicial Races

Despite the steady rumor mill that seems to be such a part of judicial races, the judicial screening committee of the party has only selected ONE candidate--John Williams for Juvenile Court. Our screening committee is meeting in early February to recommend the GOP endorsement for other candidates. Are you interested in running for Judge? Forget the rumors, let us know immediately.

2. State House of Representatives Races

The job of a state representative is critically important to setting policy for state government. We have many great Republicans already serving in the State House, but we need more. We are actively screening for candidates against the Democrats. Here is a lineup of the local delegation by district:

28th -- Connie Pillich (D) is incumbent. (Three vying for GOP nomination in primary)
29th -- Lou Blessing (R) is incumbent.
30th -- Bob Mecklenborg (R) is incumbent.
31st -- Denise Driehaus (D) is incumbent. (One GOP candidate about to announce)
32nd -- Dale Mallory (D) is incumbent. (GOP actively screening for candidate)
33rd -- (No incumbent--Rep. Yates recently appointed as a Judge) (GOP actively screening)
34th -- Peter Stautberg (R) is incumbent.

For a map of the legislative districts, click here.

Are you interested in running in the 32nd or 33rd against the Democrat? Let us know immediately by contacting Maggie at

This year stands to be a strong year for conservatives, so step up and run. We stand a great chance to make gains!