Tuesday, April 06, 2010

NCAA Bracket Winners!

Congratulations to Lisa J. Caldemeyer, the winner of the Hamilton County GOP NCAA Bracket Challenge! Lisa is a Blue Devil herself having graduated from Duke University in 2003. She is doubly pleased today as her alma mater is the NCAA champ and she won our Bracket Challenge. Lisa is an attorney at Graydon Head and a friend to the Hamilton County GOP as she spent the summer of 2004 working as an intern.

Lisa will join the Chairman for lunch, soon.

We did have some confusion on the brackets and a few people made their selections using last year's link. That's ok. We have a winner, there, too. The winner is Humboldt R. Snooches III. Congratulations to Mr. Snooches. We're working to find that person right now.

Thanks to the over 160 people who participated. It was a great tournament and a great final game.