Saturday, August 16, 2008

Howard Dean is a Jerk

I hate to be personal. But, Howard Dean deserves it. He is a divisive figure who does a real disservice to the fine tradition of the Democrat party.

Why is he drawing my ire? He recently referred to the Republican Party as the "white" party. That is ridiculous, insulting, and wrong. It is racially divisive and wholly inappropriate.

Since becoming Chairman of this party, I have had many meaningful and rewarding opportunities to meet with African Americans who choose to be Republicans. Although many of my African American friends will be voting Democrat this year, it is an insult to say that the black community is one monolithic block that simply votes one way. That has not been my experience during my first few months as party chairman.

Because Sen. Obama is so popular in the African American community, there are some who worry about a racial undertone to this campaign for President. There are some that improperly see this presidential election as "black vs. white." That perception is bad for America and does our democracy a serious disservice. Howard Dean and his caustic, idiotic, and moronic remarks do not help one bit.

Finally, and I can't resist, there is a horrible double-standard in America on this topic. Can one imagine if the RNC chair referred to the Democrat party as the party of "blacks" or even a party of "minorities?" That would be totally inappropriate and any sensible Republican would call for that chairman's ouster. Where is the outrage with the liberals in the media and other Democrat leaders? Nonexistent.

Howard Dean is a jerk.