Saturday, May 09, 2009

Ankle Bracelets II

I was somewhat reluctant to continue posting about the EMU/ankle bracelet controversy today because it really shouldn't be politicized. But, if politics means giving voters a choice for more responsible leadership and a better government, then I'm politicizing this issue.

The spat between the city and the county about the city's refusal to spend its portion of a stimulus grant to protect public safety is unfortunate. The city's leaders refuse to contribute to purchasing more EMU (electronic monitoring units) to help alleviate the crisis that the courts and law enforcement face in this county and city. Yesterday's blog post summarizes the problem.

The city's obstinate posture was reinforced by councilmember Laketa Cole in an exchange of letters with Republican Commissioner Greg Hartmann. Check out the exchange on the Enquirer's blog here.

Essentially, Ms. Cole's answer about this stimulus money can be summarized as follows:
(1) It's ours and we'll spend it as we see fit.
(2) We gave you your half and we're not telling you how to spend it.
(3) If you don't like it, we'll run our own jail with the tax money we generate.


My fundamental problem with many Democrats is how they view YOUR tax money. The letter by Ms. Cole is a precise example of the the problem. This is not the city's money or the county's money: it is the taxpayers' money! It should be spent according to the needs of all the citizens and government agencies shouldn't be fighting about who gets to spend the money based on some childish notion of sharing or fairness. They should be working cooperatively to alleviate a public safety nightmare.

Ms. Cole simply doesn't get it. And, neither does our Mayor. This is OUR money, not yours. You need to spend it to protect us.

We have a chance to make a change in 2009.