Thursday, May 07, 2009


I was reading the Cincinnati Reds blog this morning and found the following post by Tim Curtis, the Assistant Editor for Online Sports at the Cincinnati Enquirer:

"OK gang, this blog is spinning out of control again with long posts and personal vendettas. It's creating a poisonous atmosphere that is hurting the entire experience for many readers. If it continues, we will get aggressive with our deletion of posts. We absolutely do not want to do that, but we can't let a couple bad apples spoil the experience for 98 percent of the blog users. So please, be civil. It's just a game. It's supposed to be fun."

What is it about blogs and anonymous posts that just let people be this way? What engenders the kind of hate that people muster so easily? Why do people act this way?

You could answer, but we've shut off comments again on this site because of the hateful, unproductive, and silly comments posted by those with little else to do but be negative.

I'm disappointed by it all because I started this blog a year ago hoping it might yield some productive feedback. We get some of that, but it is mostly hateful and negative. And, cowardly.