Friday, February 19, 2010

Judicial Candidates

Here is our 2010 slate of judicial candidates:

First Appellate District

Sylvia Sieve Hendon
Pat Fischer

Court of Common Pleas - Juvenile Division
John Williams

Court of Common Pleas - General Division
Robert P. Ruehlman
John Andrew West
Ralph E. Winkler
Megan E. Shanahan

Court of Common Pleas - Domestic Relations
Susan Laker Tolbert
Jon H. Sieve

The Hamilton County Republican Party has a long history of endorsing well-qualified candidates for the courts. Our slate for 2010 is among the greatest we have assembled. Our slate is committed to the basic principle of judicial restraint and all possess the judicial philosophy that judges ought to follow the law--not make it. I look forward to a spirited campaign.