Monday, September 22, 2008

They just don't get it...they don't...

Some in the media, many pundits and some Democrats just don't get it. I've heard from more than a few that "the Palin bubble has burst." Nonsense.

Gov. Sarah Palin drew 60,000 supporters at a rally in Florida over the weekend. Read the story here. Her appeal is lasting and real. Democrat partisans and the "snobbish intelligentsia" that so enjoy deriding her want us to believe that her impact will be short-lived. False. She has excited and energized the Republican Party and people across America from all parties.

Shifting gears to make a quick observation here...

Before any person is elected President, he (or she, well not this year--sorry Hillary) must pass a certain threshold with the American people. The people must see that person as worthy and qualified to be President of the United States. Voters must feel that this person can lead the greatest country on Earth. There is a "trust" threshold with the middle ground of voters in America. That has not yet happened for Barack Obama. Will he get there? Possibly, but doubtful. His youth, inexperience, and very liberal background will keep middle-of-the-road Americans away from voting for him.

We'll have an answer in a little over a month!