Tuesday, September 15, 2009

President Obama Wrong to Comment On Kanye West

The President of the United States has apparently added to the public outcry about Kanye West's heinous interruption of the important message being delivered to the universe by 19 year old country music sensation and national spokeswoman Taylor Swift. The President has allegedly called Mr. West a "jackass." For once, the President might be right.

But the President is wrong. He should not be part of the public dialogue on this silliness. I believe that the President does not have the proper respect for the dignity of the office. I like a president who doesn't know or care what Kanye West did. The country is going broke, losing a war in Afghanistan, and our president is now a pop culture critic. It is a change--for sure. An unwelcome one.

This kind of stuff reminds me of why I am a Republican (as if I needed that in the face of what is happening to the country at the moment). I am a "traditionalist" and that is almost as important a word as "conservative." I believe in the sacred traditions of the country and our democracy and our Constitution. Respecting those traditions and foundations of our government is critical to continuing the model of our democracy that is so important to our future. President Obama is just a new rock-star phenom.

Does anyone remember when President Obama went on the Tonight Show and made a derogatory comment about Special Olympians? How quickly that got off the front page, huh? That type of juvenile and unprofessional behavior is not presidential.

President Obama has the intellect and the gravitas to avoid this silliness. He has not done that, yet.