Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mallory Pays Cleveland Consultant $2500 To Write State of City Address

Local television station WLWT-TV is conducting an investigation into the spending at the Mayor's office. Among other things cited in the News 5 report, Mayor Mallory paid $2,500 to an agency to help him write his State of the City address. (

Never mind the fact that the Mayor has a staff of nine people and an office budget of as much as $500,000 and still had to look outside for help. And never mind the fact that the Mayor has to pay anyone at all to tell him the state of his city. The firm he hired was in Cleveland. CLEVELAND. The Mayor of Cincinnati had to pay a Cleveland agency to help write the speech detailing his "successes" in Cincinnati!

This is symptomatic of the problems that infest City Hall. It is just another example of the arrogance that we do not need, and the mismanagement that we can no longer afford. This city does not deserve a Mayor who is creating jobs everywhere but in Cincinnati.

Investigate for yourself by visiting the Mayor's re-election website. ( There are only two buttons to click on: Donate and Volunteer. In other words, two ways YOU can serve HIM. No message, no plan. Just filling the coffers.

Something must be done, and only you can do it. First, pass the Channel 5 link on to all your friends and contacts so that this message gets out. Second, you can support Brad financially. Visit Brad's donation page here ( and give what you can.

This city deserves a Mayor who is a public servant. With your help, now and in November, we will get that man elected.