Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Criddle Chronicles

Have you read the Criddle Chronicles? Do you get them? You should.

State Central Committeewoman and GOP uber-operative, Christa Criddle publishes her updates and thoughts via e-mail. I'll re-produce them today for your reading enjoyment.

Thanks, Christa, for all you do for the GOP!

--->>> the CRIDDLE CHRONICLES <<<---

"News and Views from the Conservative Voice of SW Ohio"

Volume 2, Issue 24

Monday, September 07, 2009


“I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments by those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.” James Madison


Hi Everyone!

Happy Labor Day … OR as the Dems see it… Happy Celebration Day for all the Workers the Obama Administration can tax to death for their liberal agenda!



I got several calls/e-mails from folks asking me about Obama’s address to the School Students which happens Tuesday. Now, in general, I would have no problem with a President or any public figure giving a message of “stay in school”, “work hard” etc. My concern comes with THIS administration and the fact that there always seems to be an underlying agenda. When I first heard that he was doing this address, my “spidey sense” was peaked. I then found the sheet which gave the suggested activities for teachers. Many of the items on the list seemed very innocuous. HOWEVER there were a few things that did bother me.

  • Teachers were asked to have kids read books about Obama. What kind of books? Who picks the books?

  • “Students could discuss their responses to the following questions: What do you think the President wants us to do? Does the speech make you want to do anything? Are we able to do what President Obama is asking of us?” – Are we able to do what he is asking of us? What if I don’t like what he is asking of them? What if I, as a parent, don’t like it?

  • This was the MOST disturbing to me: Write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president. These would be collected and redistributed at an appropriate later date by the teacher to make students accountable to their goals. – What they can do to help the president?? AND MAKE THE STUDENTS ACCOUNTABLE TO THEIR GOALS??? So, if he asks them to follow his left-wing agenda and they choose NOT to, are they punished? Students have to respect the OFFICE but I do NOT have to respect the agenda.

The biggest issue is that I do not TRUST this administration. With their repeated attempts to gain government control of all aspects of our lives, it only goes to reason that they may want to gain control of our youth and their impressionable minds. I had visions of the “Obama Jungend Bund”, especially with so many of the teachers being part of the Union and followers of Obama. With all the attention, I presume that the speech will be very bland now and without controversy so they can say “I told you so” however, my concern was always with how the teachers will take it to that next level. How will the liberal teachers handle it? I am proud to say that my kids’ school is NOT going to show this speech.

If I am to look at the GOOD that came out of the last election, it is that the people finally see they need to pay attention to the government and speak up and they are doing so. The people are now paying attention and speaking up. He is NOT going to get a pass to indoctrinate our kids.



Congratulations to the Tea Party and Cincinnati 9/12 group for an incredibly successful event this past Saturday. The official crowd estimate was 18,000 patriots- that makes it the biggest Tea Party event in the MidWest! Kudos to all coordinators.

A BIG thanks to all the folks who came out to volunteer for Rob Portman. It was a great success and Rob also expressed his appreciation for all of your help! Rob Portman attended and spoke with and listened to the people at the event for a couple of hours.



RNC Chairman Michael Steele had a press conference this past Thursday at JTM. He did a great job discussing what the Republicans have been TRYING to put forward. ALL REPUBLICAN AMENDMENTS AND BILLS, over 800 in fact, have been rejected by the Democrats. The Dems will not allow ANYTHING we present to go forward. Our team has been pushing for portability, tort reform and seniors bill of rights. It was nice to actually meet and see him in person. He is very impressive and did a great job answering press questions. Too bad hardly anyone covered it. You could be sure that if Howard “the scream” Dean came to town it would have been top story everywhere.

The Dems want nothing to do with REAL solutions. They want to just push forward the far Left-Wing agenda.


This week’s BIZ-CZAR News!

Well, with Obama’s growing list of Czars from everything to the AIDS Czar to the Information Czar to our latest favorite Green Czar Van Jones, 9/11 Truther, known communist and apparent racist. It finally came out, after a lot of pressure and thanks to conservative talk show hosts, he resigned this past weekend. You can tell a man by the friends he keeps… and appoints to a position WITH NO OVERSIGHT. Cabinet positions have to at least get the approval of the Senate. Czars are not subject to that oversight, which can make them extremely dangerous to push forward their agenda with no accountability to the people.

Just today, Barak Hussein Obama, with his little buddy Steve Driehaus (aka Nancy Pelosi’s Little Sock Puppet) standing by his side, will announce Ron Bloom as his Manufacturing Czar, today at the AFSCME Picnic at Coney Island. Why does that name sound familiar? Ron Bloom has been the Car Czar. He is the one who has been running “Government Motors” (GM) and Chrysler.

What I read into that is that now he has the limited experience of controlling the Auto Industry, BHO wants him to plot the takeover of the rest of the Manufacturing Industry—and he is doing it with the backing of the Unions.



A.K.A. Steve Driehaus found the time TODAY to hang out with BFF B.H.O. at the AFSCME picnic. Too bad he couldn’t be bothered to face his votes and his constituents at the TEA PARTY this past Saturday. NPLSP was invited to answer questions at the forum part of the event but didn’t have the guts to show his face. Former (and Future) Congressman Steve Chabot was PROUD to attend and mix and mingle with the TRUE patriots of this area.



We have a meeting coming up on THIS FRIDAY, September 11 where some endorsements will be made. I will keep you updated on what happens. I encourage each of you to attend some of the upcoming events so you can meet and get to know our 2010 candidates.