Monday, September 07, 2009

Reaction to the President's Remarks in Hamilton County

President Obama delivered remarks today to a ticketed event at the AFL-CIO Labor Day Picnic at Coney Island. The campaign-style event was designed to influence voters during a period where his popularity is sinking as fast as any President in modern memory.

I listened to the President’s remarks today and have several reactions. The President is a fine speaker, but it is the words that he speaks that are so contrary to what people in Ohio and Hamilton County want to hear. Many in the labor movement have been misguided by the Democratic Party and by this President. The President’s policies are bankrupting America and leaving a legacy of debt that will hamper the ability of future generations to thrive as we have. His fix for our economic woes is to print money at a dizzying pace so as to prop up the economy on deficit spending. His solution on health care offers no answer to the key question: “How do we pay for this?”

As the product of a union household, I was disappointed by some of the class warfare and populist rhetoric from the President of the United States. A growing and thriving business sector is not the enemy to working people. It is how jobs are created and how citizens everywhere find their way to the American dream. Our national leadership should work to create an environment where business can succeed and create jobs for everyone. Instead, our President opted for the same old Democratic rhetoric that pits worker against management and the wage payer against the wage earner. This is not the way to incentivize job creation and wealth creation.

The President challenged Republicans about our plans on health care. Obviously, he hasn’t been listening. Republicans have offered over 800 bills or amendments to bills in the recent months and have been stymied by Democrats at every turn. Perhaps the President can hear about the GOP plan from us in Hamilton County. The GOP stands for portability in health care. We stand for protecting those with pre-existing conditions. We support the pooling of health care to allow small business owners and individuals to get lower rates in the free marketplace by buying in bulk. We favor tort reform that protects doctors from costly and frivolous litigation that drives up the cost of care and leaves doctors practicing defensive medicine. We are for health care reform. We are against a big government bureaucracy that we cant’ afford.

One final thought about all of this. Doesn't the President always speak in a way that makes America sound broken? It is not broken. Not yet. His spending will leave us broke if it continues, but America is not broken.