Thursday, March 27, 2008

25th Ward Republican Club

I attended the 25th Ward Republican last night. We have a GREAT club on the west side of our city.

Congressman Chabot spoke about his campaign, his many accomplishments in Washington, and reminded all of us about why his race is so important. Congressman Chabot is a legend in our party and a treasure to our community. Steve takes our conservative real-life values to Washington and hasn't forgotten his roots. He represents us and our interests. There is nobody better suited to be our congressman than Steve Chabot.

A full crowd was present last night including Club President Mike Robison, Judges Dinkelacker, Bouchard, Allen, and Powers. It was a great night for me because it demonstrated how enthusiastic we are for a victory in November.

I'll be making the rounds to all of our Clubs as best as my schedule allows. So far, I've had the pleasure of addressing the Green Township Club, the Delhi Club and the 25th Ward. I have Sycamore and Norwood on the schedule. I hope to make it to all of our clubs soon.

Spread the word about our blog...and GO MUSKIES!