Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Obama is a LIBERAL!

As the media's fascination with Senator Obama begins to fade (just some), many in the media are starting to report about Obama's real record. Barack Obama is a "down the line" liberal. Of this, there is NO DOUBT.

Here is an excerpt from a Washington Post article this morning:

"He strongly supports abortion rights and spoke out against a Supreme Court ruling last year that upheld a ban on the procedure that some call "partial-birth" abortion. He favors allowing illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses... He is outspoken on civil rights, and he has opposed Bush's judicial picks, staying out of a bipartisan effort to approve some nominees. While he supports the death penalty for the most "heinous" crimes, as a Senate candidate in 2004 he expressed support for strict gun control, decriminalizing marijuana and ending federal mandatory minimum prison sentences, issues he now rarely raises on the trail."

The "post partisan" rhetoric and the nice smile and fancy speeches can't change what is in that man's heart. He is to the left of Clinton and Kennedy.

We need to unite as a party to push back this radical left-wing view of America.