Saturday, March 22, 2008

Are we ready?

Despite the bitter primary that has divided the Democrat Party, it is my guess that they will still be energized this summer and fall to elect one of the two radical left-wingers they have running for President.

Have you been listening to their debates? It is an argument about who can surrender to the terrorists in Iraq the fastest and who can grow the biggest, most comprehensive government bureacracy in the form of a myth they call "universal health care." Like typical liberals, they believe government can pay for and solve all the problems. Health care for every American is a worthy and noble goal. Spending billions of your taxes to build yet one more huge government program that will never end and tax us to death is NOT the answer.

Barack Obama has been sitting in church with a radical America hater who actually believes the government introduced the horrible HIV virus to its own people. Barack Obama, like his pastor, is out of touch with mainstream America.

The real question is: ARE WE READY? Are we as a party ready to UNITE around our common principles to defeat this radical left wing view of America?