Thursday, October 09, 2008

Judge Patrick T. Dinkelacker

Did you see who made it to the big-time yesterday? Our very own Judge Patrick T. Dinkelacker served as a visiting Judge on the Ohio Supreme Court sitting on an important criminal case where one of the seven Justices had to recuse himself because of a conflict. Read the story here.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court thought well enough of our great Judge Dinkelacker to select him from 68 appellate courts in this state to come and sit with the Supreme Court.

In accepting the assignment, Judge Dinkelacker said, "It is an honor and privilege to be selected by the Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court...[t]he limited number of cases that actually work their way up to the Supreme Court are interesting but complex. I am always excited to be a part of decisions that will make new law for the citizens of Ohio."

Judge Dinkelacker has a distinguished career of service to the citizens of Hamilton County. He was an aggressive, smart, no non-sense prosecutor that handled some of the most violent cases imaginable during his career as an attorney. He then took the bench where he is known as one of the fairest, most decent, and honorable people to wear a robe in this county. He has served with great distinction in three separate courts and there is little doubt why the Chief Justice selected him to sit on the Supreme Court of Ohio as a visiting judge.

The Republican Party in Hamilton County has a strong tradition of fielding excellent judicial candidates and we are proud of Judge Patrick T. Dinkelacker.