Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Week Ahead

Have you volunteered an hour, two hours, an evening or a Saturday yet?

We need you!

What do we need?

1. Phone Banks. We need an hour, two, three or more of your time working the phones in this final week.

2. Door-to-Door. We will have our final Super Saturday event this coming Saturday. Exact details for this event will be available early this week. Come out and help us contact those voters that can make a difference this Election Day.

3. Poll Observers. We are sending in poll observers to key polling places across the County to assure that the election is conducted fairly.

4. Outside Poll Workers. We need poll workers to be outside passing out our sample ballot and making that final pitch for our candidates.

5. Election Day Operations. We need people to help us drive citizens to the polls and to help us with the glut of phone calls we get helping people on Election Day.

THANKS to all those that have helped!

To get involved to make a difference, call HQ at 513.381.5454 or e-mail Patrick Maloney.