Sunday, March 30, 2008

Supreme Court Candidates

On Friday, we visited with both of our state Supreme Court candidates that are up for reelection in the fall. We also visited the Ohio Republican Party where we discussed strategies for getting out the vote in November.

Justice Evelyn Stratton and Justice Maureen O'Connor are both on the ballot this fall. Both are endorsed Republicans. They will need our help in southwest Ohio. Our party will use our resources to help both candidates.

Having conservative jurists on the Ohio Supreme Court is very important. For a great majority of cases, the state supreme court has the final word on matters that are important to Ohioans. From issues of life to issues of business, the Supreme Court affects the lives of all of us.

For those reasons, our party will be active to support these candidates in every way possible.

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Cincinnatus Standard

I am pleased that The Cincinnatus Standard has provided a link to this blog from their webpage. As a regular visitor to their website, I was pleased to see the link on their front page this morning.

The Cincinnatus Standard is the "Southwest Ohio' Online Home for the Conservative Movement" and it regularly contains commentary and articles about our region and conservative thought. I urge you to click on the above links and take a look!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

25th Ward Republican Club

I attended the 25th Ward Republican last night. We have a GREAT club on the west side of our city.

Congressman Chabot spoke about his campaign, his many accomplishments in Washington, and reminded all of us about why his race is so important. Congressman Chabot is a legend in our party and a treasure to our community. Steve takes our conservative real-life values to Washington and hasn't forgotten his roots. He represents us and our interests. There is nobody better suited to be our congressman than Steve Chabot.

A full crowd was present last night including Club President Mike Robison, Judges Dinkelacker, Bouchard, Allen, and Powers. It was a great night for me because it demonstrated how enthusiastic we are for a victory in November.

I'll be making the rounds to all of our Clubs as best as my schedule allows. So far, I've had the pleasure of addressing the Green Township Club, the Delhi Club and the 25th Ward. I have Sycamore and Norwood on the schedule. I hope to make it to all of our clubs soon.

Spread the word about our blog...and GO MUSKIES!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Obama is a LIBERAL!

As the media's fascination with Senator Obama begins to fade (just some), many in the media are starting to report about Obama's real record. Barack Obama is a "down the line" liberal. Of this, there is NO DOUBT.

Here is an excerpt from a Washington Post article this morning:

"He strongly supports abortion rights and spoke out against a Supreme Court ruling last year that upheld a ban on the procedure that some call "partial-birth" abortion. He favors allowing illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses... He is outspoken on civil rights, and he has opposed Bush's judicial picks, staying out of a bipartisan effort to approve some nominees. While he supports the death penalty for the most "heinous" crimes, as a Senate candidate in 2004 he expressed support for strict gun control, decriminalizing marijuana and ending federal mandatory minimum prison sentences, issues he now rarely raises on the trail."

The "post partisan" rhetoric and the nice smile and fancy speeches can't change what is in that man's heart. He is to the left of Clinton and Kennedy.

We need to unite as a party to push back this radical left-wing view of America.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Blue Chip YRs Welcome Chabot

On Monday night, a great crowd attended the Blue Chip Young Republican Meeting at the venerable Price Hill Chili establishment in western Cincinnati. Steve Chabot spoke about the importance of maintaining one's conservative principles in the face of pressure in Washington.

The Blue Chip Young Republicans are a vibrant and energetic group of people that vigorously debate Republican issues and are a critical piece of what we do as a Party. Visit their website at

I spoke to the group asking for unity as a party in this fight against the radical leftist liberals that threaten our common values as a party. I will continue to speak out about the need for party unity and the value of sticking together as a party to defeat a common foe--the Democrats.

Are we ready?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Are we ready?

Despite the bitter primary that has divided the Democrat Party, it is my guess that they will still be energized this summer and fall to elect one of the two radical left-wingers they have running for President.

Have you been listening to their debates? It is an argument about who can surrender to the terrorists in Iraq the fastest and who can grow the biggest, most comprehensive government bureacracy in the form of a myth they call "universal health care." Like typical liberals, they believe government can pay for and solve all the problems. Health care for every American is a worthy and noble goal. Spending billions of your taxes to build yet one more huge government program that will never end and tax us to death is NOT the answer.

Barack Obama has been sitting in church with a radical America hater who actually believes the government introduced the horrible HIV virus to its own people. Barack Obama, like his pastor, is out of touch with mainstream America.

The real question is: ARE WE READY? Are we as a party ready to UNITE around our common principles to defeat this radical left wing view of America?


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Patti Clancy

Patti Clancy held a successful fundraiser tonight where she raised a very substantial sum of money for her fall election effort. Patti is an experienced and tough campaigner with tremendous governmental experience. Patti is well positioned to win election as our next Clerk of Courts.

Washington Post Editorial

Fantasies on Iraq
Political speeches on the war's anniversary have in common the promise of the impossible.

THE FIFTH anniversary of the invasion of Iraq prompted a flurry of speeches from President Bush and the Democratic candidates who hope to inherit the White House next year. Sadly, what they had in common was their failure to grapple with hard realities -- beginning with the elusiveness of any clear or quick path toward Mr. Bush's promise of "victory," or that of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to "end this war."
Mr. Bush's address dwelt on the success of the initial military campaign of March 2003, then skipped ahead to the "surge" of the last year. The president deservedly claimed credit for launching the latter campaign, which has drastically reduced the level of violence in Iraq. But he went on to claim that, more than turning "the situation in Iraq around," the surge "has opened the door to a major strategic victory in the broader war on terror." That sounded at best premature, given the tenuousness of the security gains and the slowness of Iraqi leaders to strike political deals that could truly stabilize the country.
The president at least recognizes, from "hard experience," how quickly progress in Iraq can unravel. Yesterday he pledged not to order troop withdrawals beyond the five brigades due to return home by this summer unless "conditions on the ground and the recommendations of our commanders" warrant it. That means that if Mr. Obama or Ms. Clinton become president, he or she will be the commander in chief of at least 100,000 U.S. troops in Iraq. Yet their speeches suggest an understanding of the conflict and the stakes for the United States that is as detached from reality as they accuse Mr. Bush of being when he decided on the invasion.
Barely acknowledging the reduction in violence, the Democratic candidates insist that U.S. troops are, as Ms. Clinton put it, "babysitting a civil war." In fact, the surge forestalled an incipient civil war, and U.S. commanders and diplomats in Iraq don't hesitate to say that if American forces withdrew now, sectarian conflict would probably explode in its full fury, causing bloodshed on a far greater scale than ever before and posing grave threats to U.S. security.
BOTH Mr. Obama and Ms. Clinton propose withdrawing U.S. troops at the most rapid pace the Pentagon says is possible -- one brigade a month. In the 16 months or so it would take to remove those forces, they envision the near-miraculous accomplishment of every political goal the Bush administration has aimed at for five years, from the establishment of a stable government to agreement by Iraq's neighbors to support it. They suppose that the knowledge that American forces were leaving would inspire these accords. In fact, it more likely would cause all sides to discount U.S. influence and prepare to violently seize the space left by the departing Americans.
With equal implausibility, the Democratic candidates say they would leave limited U.S. forces behind to prevent al-Qaeda from establishing bases. They assume that an Iraqi government that had just been abandoned by the United States would consent to the continued presence of American forces on its territory. In all, Ms. Clinton and Mr. Obama speak as if they have no understanding of Iraqi leaders, whom they propose to treat as willing puppets.
If there was a glimmer of sense in Mr. Obama's speech, it lay in his acknowledgment that "we will have to make tactical adjustments, listening to our commanders on the ground, to ensure that our interests in a stable Iraq are met and to make sure our troops are secure." Ms. Clinton conceded that "the critical question is how we can end this war responsibly" and added "it won't be easy." In fact it will be terribly hard -- and it can't be done responsibly in the way or on the timeline the two Democrats are proposing. We can only hope that, behind their wildly unrealistic campaign rhetoric, the candidates understand that reality.

Congressman Chabot hosts Newt Gingrich

Congressman Chabot hosted Speaker Newt Gingrich at a fundraising luncheon on Wednesday, 3/20/08. The event was a booming success with nearly 300 donors joining Steve for lunch at the Hyatt.

Speaker Gingrich is one of the great political minds of our time. He talked about the need for transformational change in government and how that change can be rooted in conservative, Republican political thought. His speech was very well received. Thanks to all who attended.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Welcome to the Hamilton County GOP Blog

Greetings! Thank you for making me your chairman. I'm honored to serve our party and to lead us during this important election year and beyond.

The Republican Party has created this blog to disseminate information about the events that are happening at Republican Headquarters and to allow for the discussion of issues that affect all Republicans. To the extent that time allows, I will regularly post to this blog and let readers know about what we're doing to further our cause and to give you a chance to provide respectful commentary about issues that affect our party. Please check back often!