Friday, February 06, 2009

Amy Searcy Named Deputy Director of the Board of Elections


On February 6, 2009, the Hamilton County Board of Elections selected Magistrate Amy Searcy as the new Deputy Director. The position formerly held by John Williams will be filled by Ms. Searcy effective February 23, 2009. The position of Deputy Director is of significant importance to the Board of Elections and to all the citizens of Hamilton County as the Deputy Director has an integral role in the daily operations of the Board of Elections. The Hamilton County Board of Elections has a long history of working in a bi-partisan fashion to promote fair and efficient elections in the county.


"Magistrate Amy Searcy has served the citizens of Hamilton County with great distinction as a Magistrate of the Hamilton County Municipal Court. As a Magistrate, Ms. Searcy has presided over thousand of cases. Furthermore, she has been involved in the elections process for most of her adult career having assisted candidates and worked in her community on causes that are important to her. Her legal background and her experience will make her a fantastic addition to the Board of Elections. We are pleased that Ms. Searcy has taken on this new challenge."