Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Experience Matters

Dare we say it? Experience in executive office matters and President Obama went to Washington with scant experience to lead.

The media will not say it this bluntly, but it needs to be said: the first few weeks of this administration have been marred by missteps and silly errors that prove that Barack Obama was simply not ready to be the CEO of the greatest nation on earth.

The tax problems of four of his top picks to work in the Executive branch is a problem when you consider how the President established vetting procedures for his most important appointments. His team has regularly asked for waivers from the very ethics reforms that he established in the White House. He has bumbled the so-called "stimulus" package by not standing up to Speaker Pelosi and her special interests to rid the package of silly things like contraception and other spending that has little to do with stimulating job growth in this economy. When you combine these things, you see a series of errors that could have easily been avoided with some experienced leadership.

Even if you agree with the spending in the so-called stimulus package, can we really see a "change" in how Washington operates with that bill? No objective observer can say "yes" to that. The bill is simply loaded down with the pet projects the Democrats want instead of being what the Republicans want. That is not what the American people wanted. They wanted to see a fundamental shift in how things work. Speaker Pelosi bowled over the Obama team with that so-called stimulus package and, thankfully, the Senate is likely to clean it up.

For the country's sake, let's hope this group gets it together. They still have a great chance because they have a remarkably charismatic president and a nation starving for something good to happen.

But, up to this point, they've fumbled and shown their inexperience at the Washington, D.C. game.