Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A New Addition to the Blogosphere!

When Chairman Triantafilou took over the Party last March (his 1 year anniversary is next week), he made it a priority to improve communication to Republicans, voters on the fence and even critics! The purpose of this goal is to open up a dialogue with you on what we need to do better, where we need to be focusing our efforts and what we are hearing about current events and politics. This blog is one of the numerous outlets he initiated to increase our communciation and so far I believe it has been extremely productive!

After months of begging ;), the Chairman finally provided me access to add blog entries. If you don't know me, I am the Executive Director of the Hamilton County Republican Party. I started here in 2002 as an intern while I attended Xavier University (Go Muskies!). As the Executive Director, I take on a wide range of tasks from helping elected officials organize fundraisers to helping Debbie Flammer (our Office Manager) answer phones when needed. I am excited to be able to tell you more about what we are doing and I hope I don't disappoint!

As for today, I encourage you to check out the following detailed article on 2010 congressional races and how Republicans have reasons to be hopeful!

Lastly, look out for CASINOS in Ohio to be back on the ballot this November! Proponents need to acquire 400,000 signatures to place the issue on the ballot. If it passes, a casino could be placed right here in Cincinnati! Voters have turned down the casino proposal four times since 1990.

Have a great Wednesday!