Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Obama Mess, Etc.

Any objective observer can see that the Obama presidency is off to a very rocky start. This crew is not ready for prime time and not ready to govern. The British publication, The Telegraph, published the top 10 video gaffes of this administration. Check it out, here:


President Obama's quip about Special Olympics was a gaffe that offended lots of people. It promotes a stereotype of special needs people that is hurtful to them and to their families. What he said was childish and totally inappropriate. President Obama rightly apologized. The one statement, taken in isolation, should not be overblown. Lord knows that many public figures, Republican and Democrat, can say dumb things that they shouldn't say. However, for me, it is part of a pattern of non-presidential behavior exhibited by this administration. President Obama is not ready for prime-time and does not respect the office of the presidency. Statements like the one he made on the Tonight Show diminish the office and the man.


I am having many "told ya so" moments with friends who supported President Obama in the 2008 election. Some people that I know bought the "change" argument and were taken by Obama's charisma. Now, several of them are regretting their decision because they are seeing what we Republicans have been telling them all along. President Obama and Speaker Pelosi (sorry, Sally) are "changing" the country by re-distributing wealth, spending our great-grandchildren's money, and moving the country sharply to the left. America is not ready for this kind of move to the left.


Good conservatives (i.e. Michelle Malkin) who are explaining AIG executive bonuses are well-meaning and make sense with some of their arguments. Read Malkin's thoughts, here.


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