Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Spotlight: The Taxpayer

Today's Sunday Spotlight shines on the taxpaying citizens of Hamilton County and across the country. The beleagured taxpayers.

I decided this would be the topic for today's blog after writing my check to the U.S. Treasury and to the Ohio Treasury this morning for my 2008 taxes. Some checks are harder to write than others and those checks are among the hardest.

People are rightly sick and tired of government wasting their precious tax dollars on unnecessary things. More often than not--but not often enough--our Party has stood with the taxpayer and the future of the Republican Party is to stand firm with those who sensibly are frugal with taxpayer dollars.

Today, a couple of weeks before "tax day," we should dedicate ourselves to standing with taxpayers as Democratic government officials from the White House to Cincinnati City Hall to the Hamilton County Commission waste your money.