Monday, December 29, 2008

Another Sen. Kennedy?

We spent the entire fall campaign watching Sarah Palin get destroyed by the national media and by the skeptics who said she wasn't ready for the national stage. Now, the Democrats want to give us Caroline Kennedy as a U.S. Senator. That---is a joke.

Sarah Palin needs more work before she can succeed on the national stage. Caroline Kennedy needs to do SOME work before she does anything in politics.

Sarah Palin is the Governor of a large state, has held public office, and is totally self-made. Caroline Kennedy seems to be a very nice person, but she has NO experience to make the critical decisions that face the country.

Will Katie Couric interview Caroline Kennedy in the same way that she interviewed Sarah Palin? Will Charlie Gibson stare down his nose at Ms. Kennedy in the same condescending way that he spoke to Gov. Palin? Doubtful.