Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Democrat Money Burn: County Personnel

As the Democrat county budget mess continues, the Democrats who control the county continue to force cuts on public safety while spending increases in their own operation.

In reviewing the proposed budget for 2009, I found this item: "[t]he 2009 recommended budget for County Personnel is $2.9 million, a slight increase over the 2008 budget." (click here and go to p. 29 (7 of 38 on the .pdf)). "County Personnel" is the line item in the budget for spending under the direct control of these commissioners in their operation. This increase in spending for county personnel is justified by the Democrats alleging a need for more staff to handle HR responsibilities during staff reductions. Really? We need to spend more on HR staff so that the county can more effectively fire police officers? Are these our priorities?

What else are they proposing spending your money on? Consultants. The final sentence used to justify an increase in spending on county personnel says, "[a]lso included in the 2009 recommended budget is funding for a consultant study of employee benefits." (Again, (click here and go to p. 29 (7 of 38 on the .pdf)). Should the county really be hiring consultants right now? Is that a responsible use of the scarce tax dollars we have? Should cops be fired why the county hires consultants to study anything?

These are budget realities with the supporting documentation available to any citizen. You can click here to read the proposed budget yourself. They are the sad reality of a Democrat budget nightmare.