Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Election Reform

Despite his quiet, introverted, and shy personality, State Senator Bill Seitz is quite the legislator in Columbus. Yesterday, the Ohio House passed a measure largely lead by Sen. Seitz to make some much needed election reforms including a measure that would eliminate the "golden week" that is in Ohio law that allows same day registration and voting for a week-long period in late September and early October. The Seitz-lead bill will now go to the Governor. Read the Enquirer story here.

Sen. Seitz is considered by many to be the "smartest man in Columbus" and--kidding aside--he very likely is that person. Sen. Seitz is a smart, tough, and results-oriented politician and has served western Hamilton County in both the House and the Senate. His leadership and wisdom are critical to leading the Republican cause in the state capital (and it's not "capitol"--check here).

During my few months as Chairman, I have frequently called upon Sen. Seitz to gather his insights on events in Columbus. Bashful and reserved, he is sometimes shy about sharing what he thinks.

Joking aside...Bill Seitz is a force in Cincinnati and Columbus and we are glad to have him serving us.

To read more about Sen. Seitz, visit his official website here.