Saturday, August 22, 2009

Driehaus Finally Agrees to Address Citizen Concerns

I am pleased that Rep. Driehaus has finally agreed to address citizens on the west side of Cincinnati regarding health care reform at a non-ticketed event open to the public. It took a challenge from us to get him to relent, but we're pleased he will now answer real questions from real citizens.

For anyone watching this story, it is obvious that Mr. Driehaus was ducking non-supporters on this critical issue. As the Enquirer reported this morning, "It was clear that the Green Township Democratic forum on health care reform was made a ticket-only event because of fears that the lodge would be packed with vocal opponents of government-run health care..."
See the entire story here.

It was clear to us, too, so we invited Mr. Driehaus to speak to our GOP group and we will not restrict access for anyone to attend. After all, shouldn't a Congressman hear from vocal opponents of a plan of this importance to our nation?

To Mr. Driehaus, we say this: We're prepared to welcome you to an open and honest dialogue on this issue. We will work to assure a respectful and civil environment where you can explain your reasons for some of the recent decisions you have made. We look forward to hearing from you with available dates.