Thursday, August 06, 2009

Hal McCoy

Yeah, this is the "official blog" of the Hamilton County GOP and 99% of what we put up here is political. But, tonight, I get to blog about something that has nothing to do with politics. After all, it does say "Chairman's Blog" to your right on this screen, right?

My topic tonight? Baseball Hall of Fame writer Hal McCoy. Hal McCoy has covered the Reds for 37 years--the longest tenure of any active baseball writer covering the same team. He was told today that his career will end at the conclusion of this baseball season. It is a sad day for newspapers, for the Reds, and for the many followers of this hall of famer.

Here is his bio from the Dayton Daily News:

"Hall of Fame baseball writer Hal McCoy is in his 37th year of covering the Cincinnati Reds, the longest tenure for any active writer covering one team. Counting spring training and postseason games, McCoy has covered more than 7,000 major-league baseball games, written close to 18,000 baseball stories and eaten enough hot dogs to give Babe Ruth indigestion."

No offense to any of the other great writers who have covered the Reds through the years, but Hal McCoy is the best Reds reporter...anywhere...period. His coverage was accurate, insightful, and always fair. His blog was oftentimes critical, but he did it fairly and with some wit and always in good humor. I still read his blog nearly every day. Check it out, here.

Tonight's blog from Mr. McCoy is sad. Forget about baseball, his blog posting today was more about mortality and how hard it can be to say goodbye to something you love so much. It is classic Hal McCoy.

Hal McCoy might not have a single Republican cell in his body. I have no idea--really. I don't care. This die-hard Reds fan got his daily fix as often as possible from Hal McCoy and he will be missed.

If you're still reading this blog, thanks for reading. Go to Hal McCoy's blog and offer a nice comment. The man is a legend.