Friday, April 11, 2008

A Deal is a Deal

Since becoming your party chairman, I have received significant feedback about the "deal" made with the Democrats on the County Commission race. I have heard the message from our party loud and clear.

However, a deal is a deal.

I believe what is happening in the Hamilton County Democratic Party is dishonorable and inappropriate. Let me be clear: Tim Burke is an honorable person and a good man. It's unfortunate that his party is acting dishonorably and undermining his leadership. If they have a problem with his leadership, there are other alternatives. To undercut Mr. Burke and force him to break this commitment is wrong.

Am I surprised? Not one bit. After all, they're Democrats.

What will our party do if they endorse a candidate despite their commitment not to? I expect we'll look at an endorsement process as well. I would NEVER leave us at a disadvantage.

We need to stand united.