Wednesday, April 30, 2008

There they go again...

Have you heard about City Councilman David Crowley's new "plan" for "Environmental Justice"? Read all about it in the Enquirer by clicking here. Read the 13-page ordinance by clicking here.

This plan would add yet one more unnecessary and costly layer of bureacracy to those who wish to build and develop in the City of Cincinnati. David Crowley's plan would require an "extra review" in addition to the usual zoning, building, and health reviews that any building needs to undergo before construction occurs. We have a federal and state EPA already in place.

Councilman Crowley admits that this idea is a new one and is unprecedented in any major American city. The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that, "Crowley said he looked for others to model his after, but couldn't find any."

Five Democratic council members have already signed onto this ordinance. They are David Crowley, Cecil Thomas, Roxanne Qualls, Laketa Cole and John Cranley.

This ordinance is about politics--plain and simple. An additional, unprecedented environmental review by the city is both unnecessary and wasteful for government. The Ohio and Federal EPA are funded to protect our environment and assure compliance with a host of regulations that are rightfully put in place to protect all of us from the excesses of polluting companies or individuals. They are legally bound to carry out that responsibility. The city of Cincinnati does not need to get itself into the business of "reviewing" businesses based on their environmental impact when that responsiblity properly lies with other governmental entities.

To their credit, council has not yet passed this ordinance. Make your voice heard on this ordinance by contacting city council or the Mayor.