Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's Obama

The question of which ultra-liberal the Democrats select as their nominee for President is largely decided. It's Barack.

For further convincing, read Dick Morris' colum here.

Let 'em fight, I suppose. But, we should be ready for Barack.

Barack Obama is not ready to lead America. Good speeches and feel good rhetoric about "change" do not amount to Presidential leadership. The change he seeks is a radical shift of America to the left that would lead to a disgusting increase in the capital gains tax (resulting in a violent redistribution of wealth), a massive government run health care program that promises to be as wasteful and bloated as most government programs, and a scary social shift to the left that will make abortion easier, the death penalty harder, and shake the very moral foundation of America. He will surrender our gains in Iraq and naively coddle our enemies.

We'll beat Barack Obama. John McCain is the right man at this time in our history.