Saturday, April 19, 2008


On Friday, I appeared opposite Democrat Chairman Tim Burke at the Western Economic Council meeting.

The Western Economic Council is a group of business and community members from the west side of Hamilton County that meet monthly to promote economic development on the west side of Cincinnati. Check out their website at

We had an interesting exchange and a series of questions from the group. Chairman Burke made many interesting observations. Tim believes Barack Obama will help them win seats in Hamilton County that he otherwise thinks would be difficult to win for the Ds. He supported that opinion with some startling statistics about the number of people that voted in the Democrat primary making the number of "registered Democrats" outnumber the "registered Republicans" by a dramatic margin. Of course, we know those numbers as well.

Are these numbers a cause for concern? Yes. Are we dead if Barack is the candidate? No.

We have to ask ourselves, IN APRIL: what can we do NOW to win? I've answered that question in this blog before. Click here for an answer to what you can do now!

Get involved!