Wednesday, July 23, 2008

28th House District

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that Republican State Rep. Jim Raussen will depart the race to retain his seat in Ohio's 28th House District. We have known about this information for some time, but have declined making it public until Rep. Raussen was ready.

I want to wish my friend Jim the best in his new endeavor. Although we are disappointed to see him leave, we are sure Jim's decision is in the best interest of his family and his future. Jim served the citizens of his district well and we know he will bring his intelligence and strong work ethic to his new position in government.

The Party is on the path to finding a new candidate to fill this crucial spot. Because the rumors about this opening have existed for several weeks, I have been approached by several fine, qualified people who are interested in running. I can be sure of one thing: WE WILL HAVE A STRONG CANDIDATE to run and hold this seat.

Although there are several interested candidates already, this process will be open and the Party will consider any qualified candidate that might be interested. Any interested person should e-mail Patrick Maloney with a resume and bio and any other relevant information the Party should consider. That should be done without delay.

Again, I want to wish Jim Raussen the best!