Tuesday, July 22, 2008

State Rep. Bob Mecklenborg

Today, I will introduce my friend Bob Mecklenborg at a Noon fundraiser at the Queen City Club. Rep. Mecklenborg represents the 30th House District in the Ohio State legislature.

I have known Bob for several years. Bob is a man of great intellect, honor, and integrity. He is a great father to three fine children. His son Rob, a political force in his own right, has been Bob's campaign manager and #1 volunteer. Bob has practiced law on the west side of Cincinnati for many years. In addition to his public responsibilities, he is a fine lawyer.

As Party Chairman, I have regular contact with Bob. Bob understands the importance of a strong Republican Party and he has worked closely with me to further our cause all across Hamilton County. He is a trusted advisor to the Party and I enjoy working with him.

To learn more about Bob's campaign, check out his campaign website. Consider getting involved with Bob's campaign or making a contribution!