Friday, July 11, 2008

The County Budget II

The Hamilton County budget crisis continues to dominate local politics at the moment.

Over the last two days, I have reached out to some of our elected leaders. I plan to continue to do so today.

The Democrat controlled Board of County Commissioners has asked other, separately elected county officials to make a 5.96% cut in their budgets.

There are lots of legitimate questions for the County Commissioners and for county administration. After all, shouldn't the opposing party ask those questions in a system that functions with a "loyal opposition?" We should ask those questions. We should get answers to help all of us understand the nature of the crisis and why it exists. Our Republican leaders are separately elected by the taxpayers and have that responsibility. The Democrats are running this county budget and it appears to be a disaster.

First, I am convinced that the crisis is real. The money simply isn't there. I believe that Commissioners Pepper and Portune have honestly reported the situation.

Second, I have urged Republicans to be cooperative. I have done so privately and I have written about it on this blog.

At the moment, I urge calm. It is a time for leadership and good government.