Thursday, July 10, 2008

President Bush and Africa

Most astute political observers know that President Bush's administration has been very, very good to the African continent. Quietly, and with almost NO credit from the media, President Bush has lead the fight for more money, more trade, and against disease in Africa.

In an article posted in today's Washington Post, author Njoroge Wachai writes,

"Bush has been generous and kind to Africa, far more than his predecessors. This is an uncontestable fact.

Under the Bush presidency, U.S. aid to Africa has tripled. Trade - the most effective tool to spur growth in poor countries – between Africa and the U.S. has almost doubled since Bush came to power. Under the Bush presidency, the U.S. has also increased its fight against malaria, a disease that the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates kills one child in Africa every thirty seconds.

President Bush’s effort to bring peace to Darfur can’t be underestimated. Some say that pressure from his administration, in the form of sanctions and trade embargo, was the force that compelled the Khartoum government to sign a peace deal with the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM.)

Read the entire article here.

President Bush has been a strong leader to help improve lives in the most depressed part of the world. He did so without respect to race or ethnicity. President Bush has suffered politically for a variety of reasons. But, his legacy in Africa is secure and the media should give him the appropriate credit he deserves.